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Responding to Leadership Challenges

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I like the story so much because it opens my mind to knowing that the world and the public do not want silent nurses who cannot stand up to fight for their rights. I also learned that nurses not only save lives but also ease pain and suffering of patients as well as save the hospital money. Being a nurse furthermore, requires one to pay close attention to smaller details because ignoring such things can lead to fatalities. Nurses who speak out their challenges and face them head on are what the public yearns for since they are important members of the medical fraternity.

The story raises issues of standing up and speaking for the rights of the nurses. Instead, people take the nursing career for granted. The story as well points out the significance of raising awareness among members of the public of the contribution of the nurses in healthcare delivery. Moreover, for the nurses to save lives, relieve or prevent pain and suffering among patients, they have to start talking.

Additionally, considering the story, it raises questions of how the responsible agencies often ignore the input of the nurses. For instance, in the case, the nurses pointed out that the epidemic had not fully been eliminated, but the management and the doctors dismissed the claims. It was later understood that they were right. The case also identifies that nurses should define productivity regarding the quality of the care extended to patients. Nurses are hence advised to carry out their activities in a manner that would motivate the patients to heal.

 If faced with a similar situation, I would have to understand that as a nurse I should not devalue or demean the roles performed by nurses. I should also appreciate the fact that knowledge alone cannot be sufficient. Moreover, I will have to earn trust from fellow nurses so that I can inspire them to speak out their minds. Being close and always smiling to a sick person helps a great deal in garnering trust and confidence from the patients themselves. Moreover, showing care and duty for fellow nurses helps one get recognized and respected among his colleagues (p.135, par.3-5).

More importantly, a nurse gets expected to ensure that the patient completes the dosage prescribed by the doctor. As such, these patients will become open to sharing their experiences and thus help in ascertainment of their level of anxiety and fright.  The nurses at Ontario sought an explanation to why the warnings issued by the nurses got ignored, how the government and health professionals could have reacted to the situation. Additionally, they wanted the inquiry to give a report and direction on how to act when faced with such an emergency in the future. The administration responded to calls and instructed a public review of SARS (p.136, par.2-6).

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