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Research Proposal Draft

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Overview and Guiding Propositions(s) Described in Theory

Janice Morse' Theory of Suffering focuses on promoting endurance among patients. The central pillar in the postulation is that diseases and health conditions are a source of threat to the integrity of self (Morse, 2003). While the theory recognizes that deterioration of health results in anguish, discomfort, pain, heartache, torment, misery, distress, affliction and anxiety, it suggests that patient-centered interventions and support can promote the desire to survive, withstand suffering, and hold out (Cutcliffe & McKenna, 2005, p.258). The theory notes that acceptance as well as cultural and behavioral support, helps in emotional endurance, which is the epicenter of the healing process. The theory supports the nurse-led intervention by noting that practitioners are the primary caregivers during suffering. They play a fundamental role in not only alleviating pain among patients but also supporting family members.

Application of Theory to Your Study’s/Project’s Focus

One of the most important aspects of the theory is acknowledging the importance of nurse-led interventions in promoting treatment goals and regaining holistic functions. The theory supports the exploration of the air mattress by suggesting that primary health approaches prevent clinical pain if bedsores develop and procedural pain that accompanies the treatment process. Similarly, it cushions patients with complex health challenges against the threat of destruction. All nursing aid should be executed in a way that allows the patient to be in control, a move that is fundamental in building psychosocial resilience (Tetrault & Nyback, 2010). The inclusion of air mattress in prevention bundles does not only prevent the buildup of pressure but also allows individual to take control over health events. Investigating the efficaciousness of the surfaces is essential not only for offsetting the socioeconomic burden, but also boosting endurance of patients. Utilizing an effective medical device also prevents individuals from becoming terrified over their health, a move that allows them to withstand even the most debilitating anguish.


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