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By relating to values expected of nurses in the Code of Professional Conduct for Nurses (2008a), I have realized that I have met and failed some of them. As a future nurse, I should not discriminate and be kind to others. There is also a match in the informed decision-making I intend to implement when working in the healthcare setting. Similarly, I am entitled to provide quality care to patients at all times. The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) (2008a, p. 3, para. 2) explains that “In planning and providing effective nursing care, nurses uphold the standards of culturally informed and competent care.”

However, there are differences in my self-respect and ethical management of information. I often tend to take my wellbeing for granted. NMBA (2008b, p. 3, para. 4) indicates that self-respect for nurses is important enabling them to gain a sense of personal wellbeing. I have also realized that I can be open with other people’s information. However, nurses should be in a position to keep confidential information without compromising health and safety of people (NMBA, 2008b, p. 6, para. 2).

To reconcile the differences, I will implement my understanding of the nursing conduct code to show that nurses should provide a safe and competent care (NMBA, 2008b, p. 3, para. 1). This should allow me to uphold set standards to ensure the “good standing” of the nursing profession (NMBA, 2010, p. 1, para. 1). For reconciling the privacy and confidentiality issue, I will embrace the social network policy as advised by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Moreover, it relates to the online interaction because posting information even on “invisible” groups constitutes a privacy breach (AHPRA, 2014, p. 4, para. 6). I believe that my values relate to the cultural safety that healthcare professionals have to adhere. In the nursing profession, one has to be accommodating to diverse cultures and, since I acknowledge cultural differences, I trust my values meet models of cultural safety.


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