Psych Ch 12

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The cerebral cortex plays a major role in our emotions because it _____.

plays a role in the ability to recognize and regulate emotions

Misattribution of arousal

-The process whereby people make mistaken inferences about what is causing them to feel the way they do -Research has shown that men in a state of fear may be more attracted to women than men in a relaxed state. This is primarily due to:


the body’s tendency to maintain a relatively stable state for internal processes.


Hunger, arousal, and achievement are three basic motives


-a subjective feeling that includes arousal, cognitions, and behavioral expressions -3 components: cognitive, physiological, and behavioral

According to your textbook, motivation _____ behavior and emotion _____.

energizes; is the feeling response

Intrinsic motivation

-Refers to the desire to perform an act for its own sake -Comes from personal enjoyment

extrinsic motivation

-refers to the desire to perform an act because of external rewards or the avoidance of punishment. -Is based on the desire for rewards or threats of punishment


the set of factors that activate, direct, and maintain behavior toward a goal

Characteristics of anorexia nervosa

-Bone fractures, osteoporosis, amenorrhea, and loss of brain tissue – involves extreme weight loss due to an obsessive fear of obesity and self-imposed starvation.

Bulimia Nervosa

involves consuming large quantities of food followed by self-induced vomiting, the use of laxatives, or extreme exercise.

Links to eating disorders:

Genetic, hormonal, neurotransmitter, or hypothalamus abnormalities A desire for perfection or control, or a distorted body image A dysfunctional family, and/or sexual abuse


feeling of fullness that has an effect on the perception of hunger.

Performance is BEST for most tasks when you are experiencing _____ levels of arousal.


According to Maslow, belonging and self-actualization are _____ needs, and will be satisfied after physiological and safety needs.


According to your textbook, the MOST important cure for test anxiety is _____.

advance preparation and hard work

Low levels of arousal lead to _____ and high levels of arousal lead to _____.

reduced behavior efficiency; reduced behavior efficiency


This theory that you perceive an event, you body reacts, and then you interpret the bodily changes as a specific emotion.

Optimal arousal

This theory suggests that organisms are motivated to achieve and maintain an ideal or optimal level of stimulation that maximizes their performance.


Sociobiologists emphasized that instincts are in born, genetic factors in motivation.

Emotional intelligence

Key factors are knowing and managing one’s emotions, empathizing with others, and maintaining satisfying relationships


The incentive theory says people are "pulled" by external stimuli to act a certain way.

Physiological needs

According to Maslow’s Hierachy of needs and view of motivation, if you haven’t eaten all day, your thoughts will be MOST focused on your physiological needs

Lateral hypothalamus

-signals an animal to start eating – When the lateral hypothalamus is destroyed, animals will stop eating, and must be force-fed

Ventromedial hypothalamus

signals the animal to stop eating.

There are approximately _____ genes that contribute to a person’s weight.


Duchenne smile

the cheek muscles are pulled back, and the muscles around the eyes also contract.

According to the facial feedback hypothesis, expressing an emotion should ______.

intensify it

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