PSYC 201 – Ch. 8 Quiz

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Children with these personality traits become popular around fifth grade.

outgoing, friendly, dominant, aggressive

A family that consists of one or two grandparents with no parents present is a(n) _____.

skipped-generation family

According to Kohlberg _____ is what advances a person’s morality.

intellectual maturation

Oussama is asked whether a person should steal food if he or she is starving. Oussama says no because it is against the law. Oussama is in Kohlberg’s _____ moral reasoning level, in the stage called _____.

conventional; law and order

Retribution as a punishment for a transgression involves _____.

hurting the transgressor

What factors generally determine whether a child is well liked by his or her peers?

culture and cohort

Lawrence Kohlberg built on the theories of _____ in his description of the stages of moral development.

Jean Piaget

Most bullies pick on _____.

members of their own sex

To reduce the impact of divorce on children, which of the following should take place?

Transitions should be minimized.

An important factor with respect to children coping with adversity is a child’s _____.

interpretation of the events

Who described middle childhood as a time of latency?


Adrionna has begun to participate in arguments on issues of right and wrong. She is developing her own moral thinking, guided by _____.

her peers, parents, and culture

The family-stress model illustrates that _____.

By the time children are the age of 10, which statement is TRUE?

Both boys and girls want to have best friends.

When 9-year-old children were asked to choose between retribution and restitution for a punishment _____.

about half chose restitution and half chose retribution

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