PSYC 160 Epilogue

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A DNR order:

allows a natural death.

Which of the following conditions may hinder the healing and affirmation of the bereaved?

experiencing a delay in recovering the body of the deceased

Which of the following is TRUE about older adults who think they may die soon?

They are more likely to want to spend time with a family member.

Opiates have a double effect, meaning that they both:

relieve pain and slow respiration.

Many developmentalists believe that one sign of mental health in older adults is:

accepting mortality.

According to Maslow, which of the following is a stage involved in the dying process?


In Korea, how did religious practice change with regard to autopsies?

A religious service was developed for use with autopsies.

Older adults who were securely attached in childhood are more likely to experience _____ grief when a loved one dies.


An important function of the mourning process is to:

allow expression of grief publicly.

What percentage of mourners experience complicated grief?


In countries where it is legal, _____ terminally ill individuals choose assisted suicide.


Which of the following is a common barrier to hospice care?

Patients and their families must accept death.

A century ago, the average lifespan worldwide was _____ years.


In Oregon, which of the following groups is MOST likely to use physician-assisted suicide?

European Americans

A study on responses to the death of a spouse found that the majority of widows and widowers:

were, within 6 months, about as happy and productive as they had been before their spouse’s death.

In Western culture, viewing the deceased as a role model is seen as a healthy form of:

a continuing bond.

Juanita has just been evaluated by medical professionals. She cannot move any part of her body except for her eyes, but brain waves are still apparent. The doctor explains that Juanita is not dead, but:

has locked-in syndrome.

A living will is written to identify:

what medical intervention should be used if the person not conscious when a decision needs to be made.

Medication that relieves pain and also hastens death has a:

double effect.

The goal of palliative care is to:

relieve patients from pain and suffering.

Which of the following is an example of passive euthanasia?

A doctor does not resuscitate a man who stops breathing after seeing that he had a DNR order.

Ted’s ex-wife died suddenly. Although their two children were included in the memorial service, Ted was intentionally excluded. Because he still cared about his ex-wife, he experienced:

disenfranchised grief.

Hospice care is expensive because it:

provides individual care day and night from highly skilled workers.

Paid obituaries in newspapers and roadside memorials illustrate the fact that mourners:

sometimes want strangers to know about a death.

In _____, a seriously ill person is allowed to die naturally, without any medical intervention.

passive euthanasia

The type of grief that impedes a person’s future life is called _____ grief.


According to _____, adolescents and emerging adults engage in high-risk behaviors in order to cope with their fear of death.

terror management theory

In what way has modern medicine made a good death more likely?

by increasing the general levels of health so that most deaths occur in old age

Children who are terminally ill fear that death means they will be:


When Oregon residents’ reasons for requesting physician-assisted suicide were assessed, which reason was identified as the least common?


A major argument against legalizing euthanasia is a concern that it may lead society to condone the killing of those who are not ready to die, creating a:

slippery slope.

The public and ritualistic expression of bereavement is called:


A person is in a state of deep unconsciousness from which he or she cannot be aroused has:

a coma.

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