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a person who becomes sexually aroused in the presence of stimuli most people in that person’s society would not think appropriate is experiencing


if someone felt assigned to the wrong sex and identified with the other gender, the person would most likely receive a diagnosis of

gender identity disorder

Research shows that sexual dysfunction among homosexual couples

same as heterosexual couples

A man who has never been able to achieve or maintain an erection for sexual intercourse would most likely be diagnosed with what type of erectile disorder


If an individual had experienced normal sexual functioning for years and gradually developed a problem with becoming aroused under any conditions, the DSM-IV-TR diagnosis would be

acquired and generalized

If an individual had experienced normal sexual functioning with her husband and had a problem with becoming aroused only with her husband as a partner, the DSM-IV-TR diagnosis would be

acquired and situational

If a woman had never experienced normal sexual functioning with her husband and had a problem with becoming aroused with him but found she could be aroused with other men DSM-IV-TR diagnosis would be

lifelong and situational

A person who once experienced normal to above normal levels of sexual desire recently has begun to feel much less than normal sexual desire. A sexual dysfunction following this pattern would be called what type


Sexual aversion is considered a disorder of which phase of the human sexual response cycle


An otherwise healthy individual reports almost no interest in sexual activity and has had very few sexual experiences in the past several years that person is likely experiencing

hypoactive sexual desire

To be classified as having hypoactive sexual desire one would desire sex less than once

every 2 weeks

Which hormone can cause decreased sexual desire when present in low but not high levels


Which hormone can cause decreased sexual desire when present in either low or high levels


Obsessive Compulsive symptoms may contribute to hypoactive sexual desire because someone with this disorder

finds contact with unpleasant body odors

If grandma is 90 and healthy what is the percent chance she still masturbates at least occasionally

over 20%

If grandpa is 90 and healthy what is the percent chance he still masturbates at least occasionally

over 40%

studies of patterns of teenage sexual behavior today compared to such a behavior a generation ago show today’s teens having

intercourse at a younger age than previous generations and they are using condoms more

in females, the labia swells during which phase of the sexual response cycle

excitement phase

in males, the penis becomes erect during which phase of the sexual response cycle

excitement phase

the event which is very likely to result in sexual aversion or hypoactive sexual desire is

sexual molestation

women with sexual arousal disorder have difficulty with

maintaining proper lubrication or genital swelling during sexual activity

studies have shown that the percent of female sexual arousal disorder is about


a recent study of erectile disorder showed that most cases of erectile disorder are caused by

combination of psychosocial and physical causes

a person who (unfortunately) had the following disorder– clogged arteries, diabetes, kidney failure– would be at special risk for

male erectile disorder

what is the most common biological cause of erectile failure in men

vascular problems

according to masters and johnson, performance anxiety may result in a man

adopting spectator roles during sexual activity

which is the most common male sexual dysfunction in the orgasm phase

premature ejaculation

from what does premature ejaculation usually result

sexually inexperienced men

a male diagnosed with a sexual dysfunction is most likely to be diagnosed with

premature ejaculation

which sexual dysfunction in males is most likely to be caused by spinal cord injuries

male orgasmic disorder

a woman who can masturbate or be masturbated to orgasm can not reach orgasm during sexual intercourse. most clinicians would diagnose this woman’s condition as

research shows that parents who want to decrease the likelihood that their young daughters will experience orgasmic disorder as adults should

be affectionate with each other

women are more likely to be orgasmic when they have

relatively long relationships with their first sexual partner

what is thought to be the cause of vaginismus (the involuntary contraction of vaginal muscles)

learned fear response, set off by expectation

symptoms of vaginismus always include

involuntary contraction of vagina muscles

what is another name for genital pain during sexual activity


the most common cause of dyspareunia is

damage incurred during child birth

in psychoanalysis theory, the therapeutic goal in treating sexual dysfunction is

causing broad personality change



the study of sexuality that led to a revolution in the field of understanding sexual dysfunction and treatment was done by

human sexual inadequacy

if someone receives "modern" sex therapy, chances are that the course of therapy will last

15-20 sessions

the idea that both partners share the accountability for sexual dysfunction is known as

mutual responsibility

"sensate focus" refers to the technique in which

partners focus on the sexual pleasure than can be achieved by exploring and caressing w/ no intercourse or orgasm

couples in sex therapy who are working on eliminating the spectator role are generally advised

Refrain from any sexual contact; focus on other body pleasure instead; Begin at the begin with simple kissing and slowly become more sexual

a client suffering from sexual aversion learns to think thoughts like, "It is OK to enjoy intercourse: sharing love with my spouse is a good thing, not a sin" whenever negative thoughts about sexual activity occur. most likely, the therapist treating this client is using

self instruction therapy

if you were instructed to imagine sexual scenes in order to identify when in the sexual encounter your anxiety about sex first arose, you would be engaging in a therapeutic technique called

attitude change

in therapy, a patient is taught to visualize sexual scenes and uncover any negative emotions that occur. this patient is being treated using

affectual awareness

in treating premature ejaculation the "pause" technique involves

penis is manually stimulated until man is highly aroused; then she stops for a while, then go

how does viagra work

more blood to the penis which causes an erection

a penile prosthesis may be used in the treatment of

erectile disorder

a man’s sexual partner repeatedly stimulates him to erection, then allows the erection to subside without the man experiencing an ejaculation. the sexual technique is called the

the tease technique

EMT’s in the back of an ambulance need to be sure to ask someone who is taking nitroglycerin if that person also has taken


if a man has been taught to masturbate almost to orgasm, and then to insert his penis for intercourse, the man is most probably treated for

orgasmic disorder

the first step of the directed masturbation technique for female arousal and orgasmic disorders is

learning about her body

the percentage of women treated for vaginismus who eventually report experiencing pain-free intercourse is


most sex therapists are uneasy about recent reliance on drug treatments for sexual dysfunctions because

inappropriate sex drive

DSM-IV-TR recommends a diagnosis of paraphilia activities should only be considered a disorder when they

6 months

most clinicians would agree that paraphiliac activities should only be considered a disorder when they

exclusive means of achieving orgasm

an anti-androgen would be most appropriate if a disorder is caused by

inappropriate sex drive

the campus "bra bandit" steals women’s underwear from the campus laundry, then masturbates into the underwear. the most appropriate diagnosis would be


what is the term for the use of and attraction to inanimate objects as a preferred method of achieving sexual excitement


what does the process of covert sensitization for fetishism involve

imagining the pleasurable object and repeatedly pairing the image with an imagined aversion stimulus

when a fetishist imagines the object of the fetish, then immediately imagines an aversive stimulus, the behavioral approach being used is


a man being treated for a fetish to women’s hats first obtains an erection from looking at women’s hats, then begins to masturbate while looking at a picture of a nude woman. at the moment of orgasm, he makes sure to be looking at the picture of the nude woman. the behavioral approach being used is

orgasmic reorientation

"cross-dressing" is another term for


a man derives sexual arousal exclusively from dressing in women’s clothing. most likely that person would be diagnosed as


exhibitionists engage in that behavior because they

desire a shock reaction from victim

Dr. Washington argues that voyeurism occurs as a result of the attempt to reduce fear of having the penis cut off, and is therefore found in males, not in females. which theoretical perspective is Dr. Washington using


in a very crowded department store during the christmas rush, a woman suddenly feels a stranger rubbing his genital area against her thigh. he continues until the crowd begins to break up, then moves away. the most likely diagnosis for this man is


during which period does frotteurism typically develop


during which period pedophilia typically develop


recent studies of pedophiliacs show that

most have at least one other psychological abnormality

the technique of having a client with pedophilia identify situations in which he performs inappropriate behavior and teaching more appropriate coping strategies is called

relapse prevention training

arnold cannot enjoy sexual intercourse unless he is tied up by his partner and beaten. his behavioral is typical of

masochistic practice

autoerotic asphyxia is a fatal side effect of

being a paraphilia; it is the intentional restriction of oxygen to the brain for sexual arousal.

what is the primary source of sexual excitement for sexual sadists

victims suffering

while inflicting pain, perhaps unintentionally, on an animal or person, a teenager may become sexually aroused and later turn out to be a sadist. the theory that best describes this example of the development of sadism is


the current view of homosexuality by psychiatric community is that it

variant of normal sexual behavior

twin studies of homosexuality have demonstrated that the concordance rate for identical twins for homosexuality is about

a man who is biologically male but considers himself a woman and would like to live as a woman is a


a person feels most comfortable wearing clothes preferred by the other gender, strongly wishes to be the other gender, and is considering a surgical solution. the most likely diagnosis for this person is


what is the most common outcome of gender identity disorder in childhood

Disappears with no ill effects

when people with gender identity disorder take hormones it is an attempt to

Facilitate their living as the other gender

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