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Promotional Competitive Advantage

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Promotion is an initiative used to promote an increase in products usage, sales, and trial of a service or products. Promotion can be carried in the following forms which include sales promotion, advertisement, publicity, personal selling, and many other to stimulate the consumer dealer effectiveness and purchasing (Bhatia, 2014). This promote market products image and impacts on profitability


Apple adversities its goods and services on all Apple stores and company's website and also it advertises through firms like technology news sites. The company has used the personal selling method intensively from its stores and retailers employees who convince the retailer visitors to buy apple products and also provide specific products information which helps potential customers to make perfect products decision. It is extremely useful due to a specific and intensive interaction between consumers and company's employees. This contributes to highlight and communicate the most beneficial information about the aspects of products and services to customers. It also gives customers immediate answers about company's services or goods and any question which might be affecting them (Tenacious, & Informal, 2017).

The company optimizes its corporate image through public relation such as exclusive interviews, press releases, Apple events, positive publicity, and new products features leak. These methods are carefully implemented to increase public image and information. Apple stores specialize employees provide a defined consultative selling; they offer help to the consumer, and this contribute to making a lot of sales. This strategy is great and unique and helps the user to feel informed on the technical use and high-value purchase, this makes them comfortable and contribute to building healthy relationship between loyal Apple customers and the retailer and stores employees (Wechsler, 2017).

Apple Inc. uses advertising promotional tools to reach to large potential consumers on a relatively small budget. Television commercial helps to bring enlightenment to the customers and expose to viewers the availability of different services and products which Apple Company provides. They also use billboards as an also market planning assignment to market awareness of the existence of new products. Sales promotion uses contests, coupons, and discount to perceive the value of consumer mind. These strong incentives help to increase consumer purchasing power. It also gives school promotions and education discount to free shipping offers; this makes them increase sales and to build strong companies image (Hawking, 2016).

Public relations is another promotional tool that the Apple Company uses. It includes the sponsorships, features, new stories, and events. This method is effective in creating favorable opinion and building a beautiful image for a company. It also holds annual worldwide development conference which enables it to release new business information and update to the consumers about new products versions (Cornelissen, 2014). This method is interactive, immediate, and customized; it the goal is to build strong customer relationships and creating highly tailored announcements to the customers.

Competitive Advantage

This promotional strategy has helped the company to acquire and maintain its position in the tech market. Online support has help home users and business to update their operating systems making it easier for the customers to take Apple Company as readily available to customers' needs than its peer competitors. It has helped them to occupy more position in the electronic industry and to prove it as the only viable company. Data gathered from direct interaction with consumer have helped them to formulate a competitive strategy to gain more market share. This data have also helped them to provide quality innovative and improve entrepreneurialism (Shapiro, & Varian, 2013).

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