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The aims and objectives of a sustainable business scenario in 2057 include; implementing long-term

Sustainable future business strategies, business policies, new production and consumption methods,

Increment of literacy rates, new and quality governance strategies and new and filling of

effective Investment gaps. Before the establishment of the sustainable business proposal , it is

evident of the identification of market gaps that have not yet been filled. The analysis of the

market situation and identification and analyzation of relevant potential customers is


Technology as an entrepreneurial gap

By 2057 there is high possibility of the existence of super digitalized use of machines. With the increase

In the study of courses such as computer science and information technology, there is a high probability

Of tremendous digital related creations. The statistics of technology users will hike up, this is due to the

Increase in the general and overall technology reliance by most of the individuals. An example

of this kind of fact is that when we compare a situation in the present ,past the 2057 period of

vibrantness of children, we will notice that, in the past years children relied on tangible goods

such as toys or physical and manual activities such as playing hide and seek games or even

playing football, in the present generation where there is just a bit of technology, children have

been influenced to watch and play online games like the playing station, in athe period 2057 we

tend to see the technological advancements impacts on children, no child will be doing any

manual play or exercise they will tend to rely on technology leading to negative costs and

effects such as adiabatic conditions and even heart complications since all they will be doing is

eating and sleeping and maybe some technology enhanced work. This can be supported by the

common phrase, " All work without play makes jack a dull boy". The masters and

gurus of the use of technology will be highly valued and in control of all purposed activities of the nation

and of the world at large. The arise of environmental and social disparities such as the lagging of other

Sectors such as agricultural, reduced human intensive labor and high numbers of unemployment

Opportunities will be controlled through alternative biotechnology enhancing a hyper networked world.

Through the development in the digital global world, the global society will possess the power of coming

Up with the needed solutions for the environmental, social and economic barriers due to the informed,

Vibrant and empowering ideas that they will be possessing. Although the effects of advanced 2057

Technology, there will still be a major setback in the economy. The major setback is the fact the

Employment opportunities will diminish due to the replacement of technology.  New policy making

authorities will take control in coming up with ways to include human labor since it’s’ also very effective

 and will of positive impacts to the economy and the society at large.

Environmental, Social and Economic technological impacts

Environmental policies are highly focused on the highly super quality management of resources. This is

in order to identify other products and the more use of technology to enhance the manufacture and

development of other materials is it technological or not. Through the high enhancement in the digital

society there is expansion of availability of materials enhancing the economy. The technological world

will enable the acceleration of social economic activities through advanced technical security and the

promotion of privacy and confidentiality among the consumers or customers. The development will also

trigger the establishment of long-term technological impacts and thus leading to a major hike in the use

of internet and the stimulation of innovations geared by technology.

Economically technology will allow the enormous generation of internet based economic activities such

as blogging, online sales marketing which enhances the sales in the real market area and also

enhancement of innovative research and significant project appraisals. Socially on the other hand, in the

period of 2057 there is chance of high attachment, empowerment and solidarity in the digital world. As

time moves so will the society becoming a world global digital village that accommodates each and

every personnels preferences. Enhanced social networks due to internet interaction will create a god

platform for sharing innovative and developmental ideas across the world that will automatically lead to

enhancement of economic and social initiatives that promote business sustainability. The hike in

establishment of new methods of production and consumption of goods and services will have

enhanced due to the changing norms, ethics and values that people possess. The adequate circulation of

trusted information will thus enhance and bring about the quality practices in all arising issues or


A 2057 technological scenario

A scenario in 2057 that illustrates the plausible challenges of a technological industry in which any

future businesses operates within the resources of a constrained economy of the time is where for

instance ,  an industry that is technological based like the establishment of internet leadership. This is

where the ruling of a nation or a country will by the use of technology. The actual leader communicates

to the mass through the use of technological systems. In a way from a personal perception this will

diminish the rates of insecurity and criminal attacks since there will be no physical rallies that pose as

platforms for mass destruction by the gang and terrorist groups. Each person will be in possession of

first hand information and there will be minimal communication breakdown. All this are enhanced

through the availability of the present advanced technology oriented population.

Scenario justification

The scenario is justifiable through the high rates of technology literacy population and the world at

large. Also the advanced technological innovations, most of the people are digital oriented and are

always looking forward to every aspects of the digital innovations starting with online market

advertisement and social networking. The presence of computers and other technological oriented

devices has enhanced the digital world mostly because there are also many technological outputs and

inputs such as the presence of water as a resource for hydroelectric power that enhances the working of

 technological oriented equipments. Another example is of companies or job offering organizations that have or require only potential employees who possess  technological skills. The availability of land for establishment of the industries enhances

the size of industries to be established since the business is oriented through offered services and

demands. Lack of environmental awareness possess a threat in a wide range of activities thus the

advancements done will attract more willingness of acquiring patent information of the environment

and its effects to the technological business world. This will be portray the decisions made by individuals

 and pother economic firms and the society at large since it carries the major consumers or users and

beneficiaries of these services.   The network innovations will influence the transition of the society

towards a sustainable economy. Improved environmental activities , development of advanced

industrial societies and the establishment of initiatives that are self and group oriented will trigger the

sustainability of the business innovations. Through technology people will be able to share and

exchange ideas, this will act as a platform for many other economic opportunities and also it

will enable easier identification and filling of market opportunities. The above situation will then

enhance rapid competition among online marketing of goods and services. The different

individual or firm entities entrepreneurial skills will come to a peak or up its normal market

standards through the coming up of unique and economical competitive ideas such as offering

customers promotion products like for instance after one has bought a massive quantity of

goods, he or she should be given a t-shirt to make him or her want to come for another

purchase of the goods or even bringing new customers. The unique competitive business ideas

are significant for entrepreneurial firms,entities or individuals.

2057 and Present time analysis

There is a great difference between now and the 2057 period. During 2057, the situation basing on the

Social, economic and environmental factors can be said to be advanced than now. This is because at the

time there is an increase in literacy rates and most people if not all are digital oriented compared to

now where the technological awareness is at its emergent levels. The change linked to this is that the

society has portrayed high levels of digital awareness and workability. The environmental implication to

industries, society and global market is that there is new production and consumption methods due to

technological innovations enhancing the economy. Industrial response is encouraging since each and

every industries requires technological input. On the other hand this has enabled the government to

enhance technological awareness to all through imparting of technological knowledge and policies that

 help run technological entities or firms.

The impacts of technology are prioritized because according to the statistics most of the population

entirely depends on technology and also the population interacts technologically through social platforms

that are technology oriented. Mostof the individuals  today depend on electronics, that is

technology. They believe that technology has major benefits to them, through electronics the

people can be able to tire less and remain vibrant throughout the day since most of the work

done is manual and technologically enhanced. The use of technology enhances time

management, as manual work is known to be time consuming technology is known to be fast working and efficient.

In a major comparison with the present time, it is notably clear that there are so many

insufficient resources to trigger the technological world.This is because of the lack of innovative

skills in the world which has led to a delay or lag in filling the social, economic and

environmental gaps. In the period of 2017 , it is notably fit to say that the economic trends of

the time will have had a tremendous advancement. This comes upon the establishment of

learning institutions that will specifically offer technological knowledge and skills.

General uphold

A final verdict to this scenario is that, the world is becoming a global digitalized world that is no more

labour or human intensified. Technology can act as a back of human labor intensive and thus possing

to be very significant to all sectors of the society be it economically, socially or environmental oriented.

It is sustainable since it enhances; employment, transparency, regulation, education, research and

innovation and new business strategies. In the present day, it is very easy to find people who

lack technological skills due to ignorance and poverty that makes them unable to seek the

knowledge from relevant institutions. The 2057 period will encourage the acquisition of this

skills thus enhancing illiteracy rates and boosting the technological knowledge. The

employment opportunities that seek people with adequate technological knowledge will be

advantaged since most if not all the people would be possessing the skills of aotomation whilst

looking in the present period, people tend not to be employed due to lack of technological

knowledge required in the job opportunities thus rendering them unemployed.


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