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Project Team and Stakeholder Management

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The stakeholders in 4DWarehouseMove are the project manager, East side Framing and Drywall, Sparks Electrical, Waterworks plumbing, Woodcraft carpentry, student’s workers, Express moving company, city equipment movers. Also, customers, project sponsors, supporting group, and external audience such as the vendors, suppliers and partners as well regulatory agencies.

How project communication and interaction will work between the project manager, stakeholders, and the project team

Communication is essential in every level of a project development and when it fails the whole project comes to a standstill. In 4DWarehouseMove, communication and interactions are important not only in the distribution of information to its stakeholders and customers but also to keep them updated on what’s going on. The customers, sponsors, and stakeholders may need to know and understand the project framework, processes, and challenges that might affect the business. Thus, communication is very crucial in 4DWarehouseMove. The project information can be classified by daily detailed status, high-level status and the general information concerning the project (Heagney, 2016). The type of communication to be delivered depends on the level of the project which maybe planning, implementation and closure of the project. In addition, different stakeholders need to know different information concerning the project, for instance, the customers, sponsors and high-level stakeholders may need to know the general information of the project objectives and the project team will need information on how they are to perform their duties to male prior planning.

To ensure every information is conveyed the 4DWarehouseMove will deliver information through the use of both the formal and informal communication. Status reports and emails a formal communication that is effective for city officials who have the duty of inspecting and giving permits to 4DWarehouseMove project. Meetings will be effective for contractors to discuss on how they are going to make the project a success through their services. Conference calls and video conferencing is effective for the student workers, Sparks electrical, East side and Drywall, City equipment movers, Woodcraft and Carpentry, Express moving company and Water plumbing to ensure follow up and update on a day to day activities (Heagney, 2016).

Issues to be concerned about when forming a project team

Lack of accountability

Failure of the project team to take responsibility for their actions will bring the project to a halt. As a project manager accountability is essential to avoid blame games and inadequate solution to a problem that will exist as a result of the failure of the project team to undertake their duties as assigned. Lack of accountability will lead to delay in meeting the timeline as well as draining resources of the project resulting to over spending, therefore, the project manager has to be concerned when forming project team (Kerzner, 2013).

Conflict within the group

Emerging conflict within the project team can be a difficult situation to handle more so when the project manager has microscopic knowledge of conflict resolution. When a team disagrees it become difficult to execute duties as well as meeting the target of the project, therefore, the project manager has to be very concerned about conflict issues when forming project team (Kerzner, 2013).

Situational factors that may affect project performance

Diverse culture might occur and affect the project performance of the 4DWarehouseMove project. Disagreement in values and norms of one team can alter the performance of the project in that team with diverse culture will be ignored and marginalized most especially when the team leader is against the other culture. This situational factor can slow down the whole objective of not only the 4DWarehouseMove but also other stakeholder’s services. Developing a strategy for respect of each other culture will tend to ease the situation (Verbree et al., 2015).

Pitfalls to watch out to when executing the project

Inadequate skills

Skill is very crucial when executing a project both the workers and the manager must be competent in delivering their duties, failure to which there will be a misuse of resources and wastage of time. Despite having enough resources and the ability to attract resources from the stakeholders, possessing inadequate skills can result to collapse of the project since every step will be slow regarding delivery and collaboration, therefore, a major pitfall when executing a project (Kalaimani, 2016)).

Insufficient resources

Too few resources can be a major challenge when planning and implementation of project objectives. Inadequate resources can result to delay and straining of the little resources available. Thus, the project will fail to meet the set goals and timeline set. Resources include finance, personnel, and assets that the company relies upon to complete project objectives (Kalaimani, 2016).

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