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Project Report of District 4 Warehouse

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Trillo Apparel company is one of the biggest companies that Ventures in the warehousing sector, it is based in Albuquerque in New Mexico (Wysocki, 2004). Storage is important in promoting activities such as agriculture, increasing market for produced goods, encouraging rural banking and financing, warehouse help in ensuring continuous food supply in the market thus providing food security. Warehousing is important in marketing as it contributes to ease the pressure experienced during harvesting season when the farm produce is plenty on the market. 

For a country to develop a high agro-processing, it needs a good warehousing system, since warehousing is one of an essential service that helps a country to develop its trade and commerce activities. Warehousing sector has lack sustained investment in the country, the industry's initiatives in investing in storage are not adequate, besides the inadequacy of the warehouse, the few constructed by the private sector were also of poor quality (Wysocki, 2004).

Venturing in the construction of storage building requires a lot of capital, entrepreneurs cannot create these facilities without taking loans from banks and other financial institutions. The cost of acquiring land to erect these facilities is always high. Also, mechanization of these services is also expensive this makes most warehouse in the world to use the manual system of loading and offloading materials in the stores.

Project objective

The primary goal that the Trillo Apparel District 4 was to contracts a warehouse for storage of their various materials, the stakeholders in the project ensured that the materials were available for the construction of effective and efficient warehouse system. to construct efficient warehouse, the following factors are considered. Methods of packing goods while in the stores. It will prevent the damages of the goods stored. The other important consideration that is essential in the construction of warehouse is the method of keeping the record; it well helps in separation of raw material from finished goods, stakeholders also should ensure that there is adequate preservation in the store that will assist in preventing food and other perishable commodities from getting spoilt before used. Management of the warehouse should also ensure that there is the ability to access the requested product, ways of receiving purchased property and entry of data of various materials in the store.

District 4 warehouse was designed in such a way that it easy to access by the customers to make deliveries and check the status of their deliveries. The store has been developed using innovative methods, and that makes it be appealing to the users. The design of the storage incorporated ways of increasing the efficiency of operation within the house. Adoption of the automation system in the warehouse plays a vital role in improving the quality of services offered by the storage to its users through promoting rapid deliveries of goods required by various clients.

                                                                   Project scope

The project of construction the production storage was carried out to help in contributing in storing the procured raw material that is important in any business that performs manufacturing or services provision. Raw materials are stored in the production warehouse for either reselling or processing them into finished products for selling in the market. Construction of the Trillo Apparel manufacturing warehouse enables the protection of the raw materials that would cause their damage and help to prolong the lifespan of the raw materials and prevent them from going bad. Ensuring the smooth management of the inventory in the construction of warehouse leads to better storage systems.

Organization structure

District 4 Warehouse is one of the greatest employers in the city, the operation of this company is divided into regions namely: District 1 located in the North, District 2 located to the south, District 3 located in the West and District 4 located to the West (Wysocki, 2004). The company has set goals which include: improves the production in District 4; increasing the company revenue; enhance their brand recognition; increase the sales and distribution in the market located in the East and to improve the quality of their products.

The company employs close to 3000 personnel that helps them in performing their duties. The summary of the employment history of the TAC production warehouse is as shown in the table below.


Number of employees



Vice President


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Financial Officer


Chief Information Officer


IT Department


District Manager


Sales Team




Administrative Assistant


Order Fulfillment


Customer Service




Project Manager






Shipping Department


Total number of employees



Project Performance and Status Report

The performance of district four warehouse project mainly contributed to by the key strategies put in place by the project management team (Wysocki, 2004). Some of the factors and strategies that have led to the performance of the business discussed below.

Adequate Skills of the workers

Employees of the District 4 Warehouse have the appropriate skills that help them in performing the assigned duties.  Employing competence workers by the project management team of TAC production warehouse helps them to utilize the resources and avoid instances of wastages efficiently. Incompetence employees also lack the ability to attract stakeholders to bring more resources to the construction of the warehouse, it can lead to failure of the project since every step in the development will be slow and resources also remain limited.

Availability of Resources

Planning and implementation of the project are greatly contributed by the presences of adequate resources to use in the construction. Lack of appropriate resources can be a major challenge towards the execution of the project, as it can lead to delay in operation and straining of the few available resources. Problems caused by lack of adequate resources by the company can prevent them from meeting the set goals and timeline of executing their duties. To complete the project objectives Trillo Apparel production warehouse project team had to provide resources such as finance, skilled personnel, and assets.

Availability of Technology

Use of appropriate technology in the operation of the district four warehouse helps in improving its performance through improving the accessibility of various goods and reduce handling process in the storage (Rujirayanyong, & Shi, 2006). There are three primary methods used in storing the goods in the warehouse. The first method is known as fixed position method. In this approach, there is a designated area of the warehouse where goods stored, which particular place should always remain empty in case the assigned product is not available in the warehouse. Fixed systems promote easy accessibility of the essential commodity hence improve the performance of the store. The second systems in the store at certain section are random storage method. In this arrangement, products stored in the empty place in the warehouse, and finally, the third type is categorized fixed system. In this system, a particular set of goods placed randomly in their allocated space.

Availability of wide range of automation solution in the TAC production warehouse played a vital role in making its operation be more efficient and optimize the performance of the storage.

Project and Administrative Team

The project of construction of warehouse of Trillo Apparel Company involves various stakeholders and partners for its establishment, the interested parties in the project includes water workers plumbing, east side Framing and Drywall, Sparks Electrical, woodcraft carpentry, student workers, city equipment movers and the Express moving company. District 4 Warehouse also has customers, supporting group, project sponsors, and external audience such as suppliers, vendors, regulatory agencies as the part of the stakeholders in running of the project.

Factors considered in Forming the Project Administrative Team

Accountability of the team

The team selected to be the interested parties in the project of TAC production warehouse should be accountable for their actions lack of accountability can affect the operation of the production and leads to its closure (Rujirayanyong, & Shi, 2006). The responsible team helps in avoiding the blame games and reach the solution that affects the functioning of the business in time. Uncountable staff will also delay the meeting of the timeline of carrying out their assigned as well as spending a lot the resources of the company that can lead financial problem in the management of the warehouse project.

Stakeholders Relations

In the project of TAC store construction, various stakeholders involved should not have personal difference or incidence of conflicts among them. Emerging cases of conflict between the different interested parties in the project could be a tough situation to handle; this will affect the execution of duties assigned to various stakeholder by the company hence making management of the construction difficult.

Project Risk and Change Management

In development and administration of the District 4 warehouse the constructors and management team experienced the risk discussed be

Delay of Issuance the Permits

Permits are defined that authorized the construction of a building that is issued by the government. Processing of the permits takes ten days, and this duration can be prolonged depending on the prevailing circumstances. The extended period set aside for waiting for processing permits usually bring the risk of making construction period to be long.

Walking off by the Finish Work Contractors living the Project Halfway

These constructors are important since they help in making the condition of the building to be safe and appealing to the intended users. The project at this stage has most of its key steps completed. In case the contractor walks off the job, looking for another contractor will take an extra one months. It leads to completion of the project behind the scheduled time. It poses another risk in running the project and management.


Framing and Drywall Contractors

 delaying the completion

 It mainly happens because these contractors tend to provide half the number of the planned that making completion of the project to slow. Fewer numbers of workers to complete could also as a result of incidences of the sickness of employees that work towards the end of the project. Framing stage is the very critical juncture of the completion of the projects since marks milestone in running the project. Delay at this stage can lead to late procurement and supply of materials necessary for project completion (Rujirayanyong, & Shi, 2006).

Poor Quality of Workbenches Making 1/3 To reconstructed

Poor quality of the workbenches may be as a result of adverse selection of the materials used for the design. Fitting of the benches is significant in ensuring the project meet the designated purpose for its construction (Rujirayanyong, & Shi, 2006). This risk may not have much delay in completion since few number of the workbenches are affected that may not take much time to reconstruct.

Project Management Technique Used

Trillo Apparel company managed the construction of District 4 warehouse by use of project liber software which is an open source. Use of this software was efficient and helps in preparation for conducting the project. The software used had many applications that helps in calculation of workforce needed and numbers of workers in which the workforce was involved in construction works, the software also aided in the computation of the amount of money spent towards the projects as well as the calculation of the possible date of completion. Important points about the project of District 4 warehouse construction summarized as in the table.

Critical Paths Used in Management of Distric4 Warehouse Project


Action to take

1.      the start of the project


choose the venue of the meeting, invite interested parties, prepare presentation and participate in the discussion


2.       project


build project boundary, Develop WBS, Develop Project Plan and Develop Communication Plan

3.      Status Reports/Meetings

Produce Status Report meetings, Schedule for team meetings and Schedule for stakeholder meetings

4.      Initial Planning Meetings with Vendors

Meet with Framing/Drywall, meet with Electrical, Meet with Plumbing, Meet with Finish Work finally Meet with Student Workers

5.      Electrical Permits

Obtain Electrical Permits

6.      Plumbing Permits

Get Plumbing Permits

7.      Building Permits

Obtain Building Permits

8.      Framing

Order Supplies, Build, Inspect and finally Project Sign-off

9.      Electrical

Order Supplies, Install, Inspect Project Sign-off finally

10.  Plumbing

Order Supplies, Install, Inspect Project Sign-off finally

11.  Drywall

Order Supplies, Install, Inspect and Project Sign-off

12.  Finish Work

Order Supplies, Install, Inspect and Project Sign-off

13.  Workbenches

Order Supplies, Build, Quality Inspection and Project Sign-off

14.  Equipment packing

Production equipment, Non-production equipment, and Project Sign-off

15.  Move

Production equipment, Non-production equipment, and Project Sign-off

16.  Procurement Closure


Review contract work, Release contractors, Pay Contractors and Project Closure

17.  Final Report

Archive documentation and Lessons Learned




Construction of District 4 warehouse by the Trillo Apparel company has played very many vital roles in the region where it is located (Rujirayanyong, & Shi, 2006). The facility has helps in preventing wastages raw materials that is used in production of finished, it also increases the employment opportunity of many people and help in preserving highly perishable and fragile goods. Use of modern technology in warehousing is equally important since it helps in increasing the efficiency of operation of stores by ensuring quick access of the product required, minimizes tedious handling of materials in the stores that normally cause breakage of goods ready for sale in the market. Construction of automated warehouse should be encouraged in various parts of the world since warehousing promotes trading and manufacturing activities hence will improve economic growth of many countries across the world as the case of district 4 in New Mexico.

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