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Peer review.

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The content of the essay is excellent. The idea of discussing the instruments used and their benefits including their limitation brings about a comprehensive approach to the paper and topic making it more understandable. The interpretation on each of the instruments also raises the concept as being very informative. On the idea of the Braiden scale. The definition of the scale and its usage have clarified the concept to me making it very beneficial. The idea that the Braiden scale is the most studied tool in the medical field is however not well defined as to why this is the case thereby raising. This could, however, be clarified by the use of statistical and reason behind the different study and usage of the scale.

The procedure interpretation on a method of delivery is also very comprehensive which makes it very useful in defining the use of the instrument, Braiden scale. You have also raised an important idea on the concept of relieving the patient of pressure. The idea of the participation of the patient in the pressure relief system makes the idea of the paper very informative in this case on fellow nursing students. Documentation is also raised as an important aspect of the instrument usage. Documentation, as explained, can be used to determine the trend on the pressure effects on the patient.

However, on the concept of data collection, the ideas described reveal the procedure and the training processes rather than the notion of the collection of data on the use of the scale or the use of the instrument in this case. This makes the heading and the concepts raise confusing. It needs clarification.

The study material used and citations are also very appropriate in this case.

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