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What do you love about your job?

            This job offers me a platform to interact with the staff and in some way help them to grow in their career through mentorship and other forms of guidance. It also offers an opportunity to build myself through these interactions on a personal level and career wise.

What does enrolling in this profession means to you?

            It means a lot to me. It gives me the allowance of having more control over my career path. Furthermore, I strongly believe that pursuing additional credentials and certifications are an excellent way to advance my nursing career; giving me a variety of options with each credential and certificate that I earn in my nursing specialty. This also provides me with a foundation to better suit the variety of new opportunities in my career.

 What would you tell a nurse who thinks the submission process is difficult?

            Getting certified may be a long process, but the rewards are worth the wait. I will point out that through advancing in one’s nursing career and seeking out a certification and credentials, one can be able to better themselves on certain skills, not forgetting provoking a passion for learning more and getting better. In addition, I will address the importance of being goal oriented career wise and taking actual steps towards them. The first step to advancing in the nursing career is to have a plan and to know exactly where you’d like to be in a couple of years, which roles you’d like to hold in the various timespans and what exactly you’d like your future role to be nursing. I will point out how these goals can aid to shape one’s plans for advancement and how by taking steps to improve in the career, can set one up for better options in the future.

Why did you decide to be a champion at this path? 

            I believe it is important for us as nurses to present ourselves as professionals both on the job and outside the working environment. Advancing in my career is a way to widen my scope of knowledge and expertise within my field, improve my professional prospects and also challenge myself to be a better individual.

            I started my nursing career in Australia in 2003 as NA (Nursing Attendant) while I was pursuing an associate’s degree in nursing.  While completing my bachelor’s degree at Nursing School, I also worked as an LPN. Working as NA and LPN helped me to understand the basics and fundamentals of nursing which have been a guiding factor throughout my career. I graduated from Nursing in 2006 and I’ve been working in Emergency Department since then. 

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