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<p>The decision in selecting New York University (NYU) as the preferred institution to pursue Gender and Sexuality studies offered by the Department of Social and Cultural Analysis is the opportunity it offers women to advance their career and leadership skills. The institution empowers women by offering a variety of programs in different fields of study. The researcher&rsquo;s ability to work in teams and effective communication skills influenced the decision in selecting NYU as the University of Choice; these abilities will complement participation in seminars to learn more about leadership. Attending the upcoming seminars, such as &ldquo;NYU Women&rsquo;s Leadership program: Mindfulness in Action&rdquo; facilitated by Dr. Carmella Bennett, offers women opportunities for becoming competitive in the labor market and growth in leading companies; the University supported this initiative for many years and this is a motivating factor for joining the institution. Records of the institution, which is successful since inception late in the 19th century, signal preference of NYU among women; this makes it appealing to pursue the program in the institution.</p>
<p style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”>The researcher&rsquo;s plan of action upon joining the higher education institution is to lead by example to mentor and help women worldwide take part in leadership and management programs to enhance their welfare. Currently, the investigator pursues a finance major at George Mason University; this area of specialization integrates well with leadership and empowerment programs supported by the university. The researcher is the founder and current president of Women&rsquo;s E-learning in Leadership in the above University and expects to join and encourage others to take part actively in clubs empowering women; participation offers them the opportunity for effecting changes in their families, countries, organizations, colleges, and globally, complemented by their unity, skills, and ability.</p>
<p style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”>The NYU offers an equal opportunity to all applicants and does not discriminate against them with respect to race, ethnicity or religion. Furthermore, it offers women a chance to nurture and grow their talents and skills; the university facilitates access to graduate study programs to them despite initial opposition from male alumni and undergraduates. NYU tailors its programs to match the needs and requirements of the quality of labor prevailing in the market. Furthermore, the institution encourages women to learn, lead, and mentor other women through partaking in leadership activities and women&rsquo;s programs to give them exposure; it also acknowledges their potential in becoming CEOs of big companies and future political leaders.</p>
<p style=”text-indent:.5in;line-height:200%”>In conclusion, the researcher highlights reasons behind opting to pursue gender and sexuality studies in NYU, noting the initiative encouraging women to take part and further their skills in leadership. The study highlights the researcher&rsquo;s plan of action to boost these skills and prospects among women in NYU and highpoint its significance to the finance major pursued at George Mason University. The researcher also highlights how the institution offers equal opportunity to all hardworking students to enhance their welfare.</p>

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