Neoclassicism and Architecture

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            Neoclassicism is a name that was given to the visual arts, music literature, architecture and decorative from the western movement which shows its inspiration from the classical culture and art from ancient Rome and Greece. Neoclassicism first started in the 18th century in Rome where it later spread throughout Europe (Bergdoll, pg 69). This is the time students were able to learn and return from Italy to their home country after having learned the works art. Neoclassicism inspired the development of philosophy through the revival of spirit and styles which were directed from classical periods. This movement was often described as being opposed Romanticism counterpart as far as the being specific artworks.

Fashion and Neoclassicism: Neoclassicism greatly influenced fashion especially to women's dresses this was before the French revolution. After imitating the ancient fashion then it became a fashion to women. Long ago the fashion dresses had been worn by fashionable ladies from Greek and Roman especially the model seemed to be in a rush to get the dresses also these dresses were only worn during occasions. Men neoclassical fashion was a problem only hair cut played an important role more their fashion, unlike the women few men were ready to abandon the old ways of dressing. During the revolutionary time, the government requested that the militants to dress in uniform which included tight legging which stopped at the knees and also tight fitting trousers which were worn when one was not duty.

Decorative and Architecture arts: Neoclassicism first its influence in France and England through art students were trained in Rome. From there it spread to other parts of the country where it was also embraced such as Russia and Sweden. The first Neoclassicism in France was expressed in Louis XVI style. In the 21st century, this mode of dressing has been embraced especially for the ladies also the hair style in men and women (Åman & Roger, pg 83). Sincerely, the style that was used in the past in architecture and materials and craftsmanship are being used today.


Throughout the 19th century, Neoclassicism has continued to be a driving force to education art. This art has continued to appreciate by different generations up to date as they are being used today in the building of houses and churches as it was used in the past. Many buildings in the United States build in neoclassical style in the United States. An example of this neoclassical work in Britain is the University libraries.

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