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Magnet Professional Practice Model

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The Magnet professional practice model is a model that is used by the nurses in their routine practice within the hospital environment. According to the magnet PPM, the senior nurses have the responsibility of guiding the junior level nurses in ensuring that they have articulate their practice in the best way possible. This paper discusses my thoughts on the magnet professional practice model.

One could use the model in seeking solutions to the various issues that are facing the nurses in delivering their healthcare provision. Four spheres derive from the model. First, the structural empowerment determines the issues that could affect the healthcare provision by the nurses (Dimitroff, Tydings, Nickoley, Nichols & Krenzer, 2016). The structural empowerment leads to the exemplification of the professional practices for all the nurses practicing. Such lead to the acquisition of new knowledge and innovation in the course of nursing practice and improvement of the quality of care to the patients. Finally, the model leads to the transformational leadership within the health sector. The model recognizes the critical role that the nurses play in the delivery of healthcare services. Nurses have the task of taking care of the patients who are ill and also aiding the prevention of illnesses (Slatyer, Coventry, Twigg, & Davis, 2016).

In conclusion, the Magnet professional practice model ensures that the nurses and other healthcare providers in the health facilities work as a team to ensure quality delivery of health services. The design permeates the use of the risk adjustment techniques in predicting the mortality rates that could result and the raft of measures that could lead to minimizing the mortality rates. According to (Dimitroff, Tydings, Nickoley, Nichols & Krenzer, 2016; Slatyer, Coventry, Twigg, & Davis, 2016), the hospitals that integrate the use of Magnet professional practice model have low levels of nurse burnout and satisfaction of the patients.

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