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Legislative Letter

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  My name is (student’s name) a constituent member of Dallas, Texas.  I am a nursing student looking to advance my studies in graduate school and eventually become a fully practicing nurse. I am writing to request you to sponsor the bill on the future of APRNs; which exemplifies on the need to meet nationwide standards for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) as charted in the National agreement mode for APRN. So far, the educational preparation for neonatal APRNs are not restricted to graduate level. In addition, nurses should be licensed as APRNs in order to practice. Currently, our jurisdiction does not follow this policy. There is need for certification for nurses in order for them undertake independent practice and independent prescribing.

            The standards outlined will ensure safety and competent care of citizens of Texas. More so, it will provide advanced service delivery, less costly services and more importantly increase access to health for all citizens. Some of the recommendations to support the bill includes establishment of graduate level nursing education; and this should be the minimum level of academic qualification for a nurse to be licensed. The bill will also ensure that APRNs meet requirements for advanced education for any accredited nursing graduate program. Also, all nursing education programs should be certified by American Associations of Colleges for Nursing Accreditation.

            This bill will ensure professional certification through evaluation of the student’s specific APRN specialties. The exam helps in establishment of entry-level competency. Publicity of this act will improve the public understanding of the need for a certified healthcare provide. The present jurisdiction law gives distinct titles to nurses who represent themselves as APRNs. Therefore, patients moving from one jurisdiction to the next may not have information about this fact.

I therefore request you to support the bill on the Future of APRNs in order to provide safe and high quality healthcare.

Respectfully Yours,

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