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Interior Design – Advantages of Hiring Interior Designers

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   Interior Design refers to the process or art of implementing creative and technical solutions within a structure to achieve an interior environment, which conforms to industrial ergonomics (Jones, 2008). Interior designers are professionals who do the designs according to some established standards in individual homes or companies. In the world today, interior design is very important because it prevents chances of accidents, health hazards, and other aesthetic concerns. For example, consider a situation where a motor vehicle garage has been constructed close to the kitchen. The eventuality is an explosion leading to damage to property or loss of lives.

            An individual ought not to do his or her interior design but should employ the services of qualified individuals to perform the task. Professionals in the interior design field are equipped with the skills and technical expertise regarding safety and conformance to aspects of ergonomics and aesthetics. In homes, industries, and hospitals, interior designers have done a marvelous job in organizing these places and keeping both employees, patients and homeowners safe. Importantly, interior designers adhere to policies and regulations set both by the constitutions and their work ethic demands. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations apply to them, and should they fail to execute their duties with due diligence, a home or office owner has the liberty to sue them (Jones, 2008).

            This paper meticulously analyses the importance of interior designs in industries and homes. Further, the paper gives a detailed analysis of the common mistakes that homeowners make in interior design when they fail to hire the services of interior design professionals. Finally, the paper also gives recommendations in regards to solving major interior design problems in regards to the law.

Mistakes in Interior Design

            The greatest mistakes that home and office owners make in interior design are in the arrangement of accessories and collections. The arrangement of furniture and other accessories is very important, not only from the aesthetic perspective but also, from issues of space management and accidents. The arrangement of accessories and collections should allow free movement and ought to be based on how frequent the accessories and collections are used. Scattering of collections in homes is another common mistake that people make. The arrangement of furniture, accessories, and collections ought to show some element of style and adherence to a specific standard. This, in most cases is not the case in homes and offices, which do not hire the services of an interior design company. The accessories ought to be arranged in groupings regardless of what they are. The rule of three refers to a set of steadfast rules which apply to the arrangement of specific items into particular groups. Further, the display ought to be done properly and proudly.

            Hanging art is a common practice in most homes and offices. An individual can turn any wall in their homes into a personal art gallery. Everyone is compelled to hang art in their homes because they showed some history while others have memories and attached sentimental value. Homeowners and offices use nails to hang art and pictures on the walls destroying the style and the beauty of the walls. Interior designers prefer to conform to quality standards in their work and demand that pictures ought not to be hanged on the walls using nasty nail holes but using frames outline placement options. This looks more presentable and appealing to visitors and clients.

            Offices and homes at times have structural negligence that might pose a hazard to the staff or homeowners. Safety should be the primary concern of the interior design company followed by aspects of aesthetics. Untrained individuals both at home and in offices at times make great errors in their interior designs which pose great problems to the occupants. The problems can be health related or management of space and movement. Interior designs ought to be part of the plan for building as opposed to an afterthought once the construction is through. Interior design companies work with other building and construction consultants such as architects, quantity surveyors, and civil engineers to understand the structural complexity and offer design advice. Most offices and homeowners look at the charges involved and opt to do their interior designs to cut down costs. In the short run, this might be effective. However, poor designs might harm the image of an organization and pose several health hazards (Gibbs, 2010).

            Scale and proportion in interior design are very important aspects which are neglected by untrained individuals. Everything in a room ought not to be the same size; there should be a combination of different heights in a room. In the case of offices, the arrangement should express a great degree of professionalism with art placements and window treatments. It takes a talented eye to decorate a room with great skill in the scale. The clattering of rooms creates an impression of crowding thence leaving no room for the eye to land. The secret to achieving a good scale and proportionality is the use of different shapes, sizes, and heights.

            Multipurpose rooms are a problem brought about by refraining from employing the services of an interior design company. This is the case in urban areas because of limited space. A multipurpose room ought to be designed in a way that the room feels international. These multipurpose rooms come with other problems such as exposed outlets and codes and lack of consideration of aspects of ventilation. Outlets and cords are inexpensive in the initial phases of the interior design process. However, most home and office owners purchase the outlets and codes at the final phases of interior design. Other design considerations apply to paint and color; plain white walls are a potential disaster in offices and homes. This is the case, especially where there are several employees and movement of clients in and out of the office premises.

            Lighting is another mistake mostly made by home and office owners. Harsh overhead lighting is the worst way of illuminating a space. The greatest fix is lighting mistakes is layering lighting of the lighting in a room. High overhead lighting is good for homeowners because it leaves no chance of children playing with the lights. Too much brightness in a room may cause discomfort and pose health challenges. Contrary to the lighting problem, painting should not be picked before the furniture. Fabrics and furniture should be picked before picking a wall color. It is easier to match paint with the sofa in comparison to matching a sofa to a particular paint. These are the greatest mistakes that a majority of home and office owners make about aspects of interior design.

Importance of Interior Design Companies in Offices and Homes

            Interior designers are professionals with a code of conduct and bound by law in their designs. This means that an individual office or homeowner has the rights to demand a refund in case the interior designers do a shady job. This gives the clients an upper hand in areas where they need to be rectified in the design process under a contract. Though expensive in comparison to an individual design, the advantages are more reliable, and payback is given in cases of breach of particular design terms and conditions. Moreover, a homeowner or an office does not have to supervise the designs; they leave the supervision process to the companies. Therefore, it is possible to outsource the process of interior designs to a company. This is called Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). BPO refers the process of transferring business processes and operations to a third part with an equal service level (Gibbs, 2010). The company or employees in an organization can then focus on core processes which match their areas of expertise.

            In the case of accidents emerging from aspects of interior designs, the liability lies in the organization which did the designs. The business, in that case, will have limited liability (Little, 2017). However, the greatest merit brought through the use of interior design companies is the employment of professionals with experience and expertise. Consider a situation where a company or individual does the designs, and there emerge safety and quality issues. The entire liability falls at the discretion of the company or individual. Limited liability is, therefore, a merit. In that case, the insurance of the company doing the designs will have to cater for the damages. Interior designers are bound by the law and industrial ergonomics (Gibbs, 2010).

 In a company or office, safety is the priority of the designer. In an engineering firm, the designer has to consider the placement of tools and the machines found therein. This is applicable to companies which deal with manufacturing, processing or production. Finally, interior designers work in collaboration with engineers and architects who are in the building and construction industry. Possible problems in designs are fixed through simulation which is a highly reliable statistical tool in the modern era. Further, the design company can provide technical advice to the home or office owner regarding aspects of safety and synchronize elements of technology in the designs. The technology incorporates safety and provides the beautiful trending features in interior designs making the apartment or office look more presentable hence appealing to clients (Little, 2017).


            The use of an interior design company at home and offices is very important. First, the liabilities of the design lie at the discretion of the company with the tender. The home or office owner, therefore, has limited liability. The funds can be channeled to more productive investments. Moreover, the companies providing the interior design services is composed of professionals and technocrats who are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to perform interior design tasks. However, the greatest problem with hiring an interior design firm are the finances involved. In the long run, interior design companies do a beautiful work incorporating aspects of aesthetics and technology which is a great advantage (Nussbaumer, 2009).

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