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Integrating Business Perspectives

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Any business venture is established with the aim of attracting customers and capturing a wider client base. Profit maximization is also one of the major components which are considered before any business is started. Starting up a business requires initial input which comprises of the capital and the possible client base. Additionally, it is the mandate of the entrepreneur to categorically address the main features of the business and the objectives of starting the business. In our case, the prototype shows a skeletal plan of the business activities that we seek to commence in the university. The prototype is an event planning template which tries to incorporate all the interests of students when it comes to party planning and event organizing. The business is also aimed at bringing about integration and cohesion among all the students including the international students. The prototype reaches out to individuals who have specially organized parties and other social events within the campus premises.

The prototype has various key features which are used to attract the attention of the customers. One of the fundamental elements of the prototype is the drawing of the glasses, the crown and some foodstuff. These items are put there purposefully as they attract the view of the individual even from afar (Pinson, 2014, pg. 46). This is a very basic marketing strategy as it will help to distract the attention of passers-by and make them yearn to learn more about the prototype. Additionally, the prototype has the main message of the event printed in block letters and bolded. Providing the main agenda of the event, in brief, is also essential in attracting more clients to attend the function. The prototype also harbors the date and the time the event is scheduled to take place. Providing the time frame for the event will aid the clients to arrange the schedule to fit the anticipated period of the event. All these features highlight the main components of the prototype that will act as the central selling point of the business venture.

Through the prototype, I was able to gain some very valuable insight about advertising, event planning, and the overall marketing business.  Proper planning is a useful aspect towards establishing any long-term business. A critical assessment of the client base is a key milestone as it is the core channel through which the business will generate revenue. On the other hand, the business acts as an integrating factor as it will help international students blend into the culture ad ways of the institution. One of the international students pointed out that incorporating the activities of the business in the university then there will be swift socialization among students from different backgrounds (Lee, 2011 Pg. 67). Marketing serves as an important pillar towards the success of any business. Adequate marketing with proper channels serves to elevate the status of the business.

Conclusively, it is true that the alignment of any business venture determines the level of the overall productivity. The company aims to generate revenue through the sale of tickets to members who wish to attend the weekly event. Creating the prototype provided me an idea on the marketing procedures or media that I can use which include Facebook, flyers and other online channels. When all these methods are correctly put into perspective, then the business is bound to make profits in the long run.

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