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Question one

List reasons why nurses need to have informatics knowledge and skills. Discuss one way you use informatics in your practice as a Home health Nurse.

In nursing, informatics is the art and science of integration of the nursing knowledge and practice with the science of information management for the purpose of ensuring proper management of health records and care administration to the various communities. The knowledge and skills from informatics are therefore necessary for nurses in various ways. In research, the nurses need informatics to evaluate a sensitive outcome by the use of a standard minimum data set, they also use research knowledge bases via the internet, and electronic charts are used for recording of the possible interventions (Sewell &Thede, 2012).  In administration on the other hands, nurses use informatics in the analyzing of the MIS report that is generated from a software application. It also helps in the review of indicators by the use of decision support software. As a home care nurse informatics is necessary for my management of patients’ records. The knowledge of informatics through electronic charting is essential for ensuring that a home care nurse has clear and well managed records of all the patients.

Question two

Describe what you think the benefits are of a Personal Health Record and how you would help a patient who was interested in accessing a PHR and what information would be helpful for them. The patient has some experience in using computers.

Personal health record is of importance to patients since it makes it easy for the patient to share and update their records in electronic form. This enhances their proper health management and ensures that they keep a track of their medication (McGonigle et al 2014). The patient is able to access the health information even when their doctors are not available. With a patient who is computer literate and willing to understand their personal health records, they should be made to understand and keep track of the immunization dates; dates scheduled for screening, the due dates for lab results, and their recommended dietary plan among many other components.


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