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In Praise of a Snail’s Pace by Ellen Goodman

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Ellen Goodman cannot fully understand the significance of technology which according to her we connected but fractured. Visiting a bereaved family she carries with her a handwritten artifact with few words of sympathy and comfort. She could have sent this condolence message efficiently through e-mail than "snail mail" (physical delivery) and save her time, but she believes that condolence and sympathy are diluted by almost two-third when sent over the internet. E-condolence, e-thank, e-wedding invitation among other are rituals that fail to express connection or seriousness about the issue at hand. However, this is the only way to survive in the hyperactive technology. In the context of her friend, she narrates how e-mail, instant messaging, and phone calls can fail to be a channel of connection with loved ones. Hyperactive technology is making teenagers over-connect and at the same time exposing them to illusions. They connect, but at the end of the day, they are unfulfilled because more than often they cannot meet psychological fulfillments trough technology. How then has the technology shaped man to what he is today?

Hyperactive Technology

Ellen admits that the impacts of technology today are undeniable. It comes along with significant benefits but at the same time has dire consequences on personal connections. Technological advancements such as phone calls, emails, instant messaging, etc. have enhanced communication and made it easier for people to exchange information at the press of a button regardless of distance and time. Today young children, teenagers, and adults are connected than ever before all because of advancement in technology. Furthermore, Ellen Goodman notes that technology despite the technology being a great communication tool there is need to realize that when it comes to social connection the quantity and quality of friends and family matters (Ellen, 2017).

Technology is undeniably beneficial, but in as far as relationships and ability to stand together in hard times is concerned it has promoted more disconnection than connection. Businesses strive through technology enhancement as it has created open platforms where clients, prospects and businesses interact and strike deals. But it has not given us a concrete way of balancing work and personal activities as well us connecting with friends and loved ones.

Analysis and Evaluation

Before technological advancement people and businesses found it harder to communicate. Messages and information shared among people and business were often done through letters. This is because letters was an appropriate way to share feelings with people miles away. Even though letter took time before it reached the intended receivers, it was appropriate. The onset of technology has made things different because with the internet users have access to content that often gets them distracted psychologically(Ellen, 2017). These communication channels do not show us is what happens when we close our computers and face life's reality. It creates an illusion that distracts out thinking as well as internal peace. For technology users, having over 1000 friends online and over 3000 Facebook friends does not guarantee that all these friends will come to our rescue when in hard times. It instead offers us a way of escaping different aspects of ourselves for what seem psychologically expensive in the long run.

Technology is an appropriate technology for keeping in touch with people several miles away. It offers an opportunity for companies and organizations to conduct day to day activities in a more efficient way. Technology has ensured that people communicate through cell phones, browse the web for content, scan documents, video call, and chat with friends online among others (Ellen, 2017). However, as technology takes its root in today’s society, human beings need to realize that the many tweets, texts, emails among others cannot whatsoever satisfy our relationships with others to its level best.


In conclusion, technology is enhancing communication in today's society to the better, but somehow we must not forget that technology should not whatsoever make us lose or forget the human element within us which cannot whatsoever be replaced by technology. Several people across the globe rely on technology to communicate, and often people get more obsessed with being online and forget to satisfy relationship needs with real friend or family. Technology had isolated humans from the real human intentions and made them focus on what benefits them less. The frustrations of virtual life are many in today's society, and there is dire need to strike a balance between the two. We depend on technology at home; work, when traveling among others but the man should be more mindful of the benefits of engaging authentically with people closer to us. Several things cannot be compensated with virtual technology and only demands the physical being to solve it. Despite technology being beneficial it can never replace the face to face interaction that we need to build both personal and professional lives.

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