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How to Build a Sipoc Diagram

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A SIPOC diagram is an instrument used to bring up all the required items of a process project before the work begins. Before starting a process management, it is crucial to get a clear overview of the top stages involved in the operation. SIPOC provides a structured process for drawing the process maps (Edgeman, 2011). It helps to show the suppliers, inputs, output and customers of the entire act. SIPOC is critical to get a high-level understanding of the scope of the process first. For the established business it is useful in equipping people with a familiarity of the operation. The below are main steps for constructing a SIPOC diagram.

Step 1: Conducting an overview

In building a successful SIPOC, it is important to provide the team with a short outline of the SIPOC process, tools, purpose and keys to an efficient creation of the diagram.

Step 2: Using a template to construct the framework

The best idea is to use a flexible and ready-made SIPOC. SIPOC maker assists in drawing distinct designs in several vector formats. SIPOC formats come from a variety of ready-made templates.

Step 3: Identification of the SIPOC items and filling the chart

  • Process: This is the first step and it describes how one converts the inputs to outputs. The team should conform to the illustration of the process.
  • Outputs: Include the product or service the business is delivering. Output refers to the results achieved from the process.
  • Customers: It refers to the final recipients of the output of the process. It is advisable to match the customers with the output.
  • Inputs: Inputs encompass machines, materials, IT systems that are essential for the process to run. The team agrees to produce the output.
  • Suppliers: The business identifies who supplies each input and groups them in one column. Suppliers match with their inputs.
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