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Health Issues in Our Community

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 1. What Evidence do you have from your community specifying health issues and focus for this program?

The rise in the number of deaths reported each year as a result of various heath issues such as HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, Drugs and substance abuse, crime and violence, lack of access to health care among many others is a clear evidence of the various heath issues from my community.

2. What Social, environmental and behavioral determinants of health are contributing to this health issue?

Good health is achieved by taking care of ourselves by ensuring we eat well balanced food ,not smoking or using drugs, visiting  the doctor whenever we feel sick and having the recommended tests and immunizations (Vickery, & Fries, 2013). They all sum up to social determinants and failure to achieving them result to health issues. Quality of schooling is another major social determinant of health issues in that due to a big number of school drop outs, we have so many young people idling around and they end up involving themselves with robbery and crimes in order to get their daily bread.

Poor environmental conditions such as lack of clean air, water and food, in the community play a big role in our health conditions (Parvin, et al., 2015). Polluted environment by poor water and sanitation which leads to diseases associated with polluted water and lack of good disposal methods of waste from the industry are the  major cause of disease  out breaks every now and then in our community.

Our community is also suffering from behavioral determinants where people believe that certain practices like taking alcohol, smoking and taking drugs are an indication of a classy lifestyle. For this reason  there have been so many  alcohol an drag addicts who do not even bother working  and they end up having unprotected sex resulting to an increase of people with sexual transmitted diseases and ones they lack  access to  health care they end up dead.

3. Are there any existing programs/policies already addressing these issues? If so what are they and are they effective?

 Lately, there have been programs and policies to help fight these health issues which include building social amenities in the community such as schools offering free education so as to ensure every child gets quality education which has reduced crimes and violence (Daro, & Dodge, 2009). The government has also build a health  and rehabilitation center to ensure each person in the community can access health care services and for the drug addicts the get cancelled  and this is helping them recover. Another program that is underway is ensuring the community gets piped clean water and a policy ensuring there is proper sanitation and disposal for the industry.

4. What resources, assets or strengths does your community have?

The various resources in our community are the social amenities that have been built by the government and an organization that has come up to help those living with HIV/AIDS. We also have an industry that has promised to create employment to the youths ones they complete their studies.

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