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Growing Venture

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            The report has assessed the core concepts pertinent for the success of Wonder Curls in reaching out to her current as well as potential clients (new market). The success plan of the organization is founded on two major strategies that are to be implemented, i.e. new market and E-commerce. Wonder Curl is committed to reaching out to the new market segment that is composed of men who have beards.  This segment of men with facial hair has steadily increased over the past five years, and the males who do not shave at all stands at 20%. Therefore, reaching out to this new market is promising for the growth of Wonder Curl as the millennials are increasingly viewing the beard trend as appealing, and this ironically influences the older generation to follow the trend. With this prior information, Wonderland is determined to reach out to the new market through employing the strategy of E-commerce. Since a considerable number of millennials are active online, E-commerce will be the superb marketing or advertisement strategy to reach out to them. E-commerce is the most reasonable strategy for marketing in most modern business, and Wonder Curl is no different. Since millennials are the key determinants of the future economy, and they spend most of their time online, focusing more on the online advertisement will increase sales.

            There is the need to note that E-commerce is not merely applicable to new markets as the strategy is also fruitful in reaching out to more and more current target market (females). Other than the new market that comprises of males with facial hair, females make up the greatest part of Wonder Curl’s target market. Application of E-commerce on the existing target market is promising as they (females) are active online as well. In conclusion, there is the need to note that Wonder Curl cannot thrive in the new markets without application of E-commerce strategy.

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