Writing a Professional Résumé

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During this stage of résumé review, résumés are quickly scanned to eliminate as many candidates as possible:

Stage 1

word-processed résumé designed to be visually appealing is a _______.

Print résumé

Which of the following statements about electronic résumés is false?

Electronic résumés should be saved in HTML format.

very plain-looking résumé designed to be delivered via e-mail or an online e-form is a _______.

Electronic résumé

Having just one typo on your résumé can eliminate you from a job pool.


Instead of having to know HTML code, most Web sites will have templates that make creating Web résumés easy.


primary purpose of the résumé is to _____.

get a job

During this stage of résumé review, employers use the résumé to guide interview questions:

Stage 3

résumé can be delivered through _____.

all of the above

appearance of a résumé can change drastically after it has been scanned.


Which of the following headings should be included in your résumé?

all of the above

In the above objective, an applicant is describing the kind of job they’re interested in. What part of the sentence describes the qualifications the applicant has to offer?

communication and organization skills

Another name for a functional résumé is a chronological résumé.


information included in a résumé should always relate to the job objective; if it isn’t related, it shouldn’t be included.


This résumé format focuses on the tasks or skills that an applicant can perform:


education section of a résumé should list schools in order from _____.

most to least recent

Having a funny voicemail message is a good idea, because it shows the employer your sense of humor.


According to Fair Employment Laws, it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of _____.

all of the above

Alison knows e-mail is an important form of communication when seeking employment. She is going to create an e-mail account for her job search communications. Which of the following e-mail addresses would be most appropriate for Alison to use?


Marissa is going back to work after taking 10 years off to raise her children. She is starting her job search process and is trying to write a new résumé so that she can apply to jobs. What résumé format should Marissa use?


Given the option of receiving a generic résumé or a tailored résumé, employers prefer generic résumés.


When creating your résumé, you should _____.

all of the above

Which of the following statements best describes a person’s accomplishments following the résumé writing guidelines?

Coordinated school’s student-body elections and reduced final ballot processing time by 30%

Résumé search programs often search for _____.


Keywords should never be repeated in a résumé.


Writing an effective résumé requires the author to select their wording very carefully.


Which one of the following words is NOT an action verb?

Which one of the following words is NOT an action verb?

In order to make a résumé persuasive and not self-centered, omit the use of the word _____.

All of the above

synonym for a word may be included as a keyword.


If your qualifications do not match the requirements of the position you are applying for, it is okay to lie about them in order to get an interview.


Design, content, and organization are all important to the overall presentation of your résumé.


Which of the following is a "DON’T" regarding scannable résumés?

Use special characters like italics and underlining

What is the minimum number of different résumé formats that an individual should have prepared?


applicant should always print their résumé on paper that is _____.

white or light colored

After submitting a résumé electronically, how long should you wait before following up with an employer?

2-3 days

Scannable résumés are:

Created in a word-processing program

Which of the following statements about electronic résumés is false?

Electronic résumés are sent through traditional mail

Which of the following résumés would most likely get thrown in the garbage?

A résumé on hot pink paper

When mailing a résumé, it should be sent in an 8-1/2" x 11" envelope so that it does not need to be folded.


Why is it important to take special steps to format an electronic résumé properly?

All of the above

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