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What is the purpose of transition words in persuasive writing?

to link ideas.

Which statement best exemplifies a strong persuasive claim?

School communications should be sent electronically to conserve paper.

Which heading best exemplifies the format for an e-mail subject line?

NOT: The Earth Needs You!! Try: Join the festivities on Earth Day.

Bike paths should be added to Main Street to encourage commuters and establish a bike-friendly community downtown. The wide, unpaved shoulders of the road promise an easy transition to paved paths, and the employees of three local businesses have voiced an interest in biking to work.

Which sentence best completes this conclusion?

Contact your town council representative to voice your support for bike paths.

Which heading best exemplifies the format for an e-mail subject line?

NOT: Aren’t you tired of picking out clothes for school? Try: Consider a vote in favor of school uniforms.

Which audiences require a formal tone? Check all that apply.

teachers employers policy makers

Which sentence is appropriate for a formal e-mail?

Schools should offer personal finance classes to teach basic economics.

Claim: High school students should be required to complete ten hours of community service per year.

Counterclaim: There are not many organizations in the area that welcome volunteers under eighteen years old.

Which statement offers the best rebuttal to the counterclaim?

The school has recruited five local groups to provide volunteer opportunities for youth.

Driver’s education requirements should include increased hours spent in real driving conditions prior to licensure.

Identify reasons that support this claim. Check all that apply.

Driving around cones in parking lots does not train the brain for road situations. On the road, students can learn to monitor speed and stopping distances. Driving on local streets familiarizes students with traffic patterns and road signs.

The school board needs to represent a more diverse population.
A student member should be elected to represent local youth.

Which transition should be used to combine these sentences?


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