World History Unit Test #1

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A tax imposed on imported or exported goods is called a


An example of Japanese imperial rule that was evident when it placed restrictions on Korean rights was that

it assumed control of newspapers and free speech.

Why did the Allies engage in propaganda efforts overseas?

to inspire people to support the Allied war effort

What happened after the British became more imperialistic and forced China to sign trade agreements?

Imports to China and exports from China grew

Which of the following statements best reflects the point of view of an imperialist? Check all that apply.

"My country is better than all other countries." It is our duty to help civilize people less cultured than us." My country can benefit from the rich resources of other countries." God approves of my country’s plans to set up new colonies."

Which is an example of a sphere of influence?

A nation is politically independent, but an imperial power controls its trade

Which statement best describes the overall effects of new technology, such as poison gas and improved artillery, during World War I?

New technology contributed to the stalemate on the western front.

Emperor Guangxu instituted sweeping reforms to modernize the government and the economy, and as a result

Empress Cixi had him arrested

How did airplane use change as World War I progressed?

Airplanes became involved in active battle

Which of these were common aspects of war efforts during World War I? Check all that apply.

rationing war bonds women working in factories

"Sino" is another word for


To drive out foreign influences, the main thing the Boxers did was to

kill foreigners, missionaries, and Chinese Christians

Because of the_____Canal, Europeans no longer had to travel around Africa to reach Asia.


As a result of the Crimean War, Russia

realized it needed to build up its military.

What was a major effect of the Russo-Japanese War?

Japan was viewed as the most powerful nation in east Asia

While Latin American countries had many different ideas about government, those that wanted a liberal government preferred

strong regional rule.

Events following the Civil War resulted in

the Second Industrial Revolution.

Besides overcrowding, in what other ways did industrialization affect the physical environment? Check all that apply.

Factories filled the air with smog. Lack of sanitation caused water pollution. Dirty conditions led to disease.

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