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How did Augustus lay the foundation for stable government in the Roman empire?

He created an efficient, well-trained civil service to enforce the laws. High-level jobs were open to men of talent, regardless of their class. In addition, he cemented the allegiance of cities and provinces to Rome by allowing them a large measure of self-government. He also undertook economic reforms, ordered a census to make the tax system fair, set up a postal service, issued new coins to make trade easier, put the jobless to work building roads and temples, and sent others to farm the land.

Which event triggered the civil wars that ended in Augustus’s rise as emperor?

The assassination of Julius Caesar


The structure that Roman engineers built to meet the urban need for clean water

Which of the following helped unify the provinces under the Roman Empire?

The Law of Nations

Power eventually gained by farmers, merchants, and artisans in the Roman republic

The ability to elect officials who could veto laws harmful to plebeians

How did Rome treat its conquered lands?

Rome treated its conquered lands with justice. Conquered people had to acknowledge Roman leadership, pay taxes, and supply soldiers. Rome let them keep their own customs, money, and local government. A few conquered people even got full citizenship. Others became partial citizens, which meant they could marry Romans and carry on trade in Rome. Since Rome had such generous policies, most conquered lands remained faithful even in troubled times.

Which government precedent did the Roman republic pass on to future civilizations?

Representation of citizens in a law-making body

Which social policy directly reflected the excess symbolized by chariot races?

It’s bread and circuses

Reason that the writings of the poet Virgil and historian Livy focused on the rise and fall of
Roman power

They wanted to arouse patriotism and restore traditional Roman virtue

Precedent that institutions of the Roman republic set

Representative government

How did martyrs help spread Christianity?

In any belief system, when someone is killed because of their belief, this causes the other believers to be strengthened in their resolve and rally around the symbol of their dead compatriot

Aspects of Jesus’ early life that suggest his future importance

He grew up in a small town, learning and obeying Jewish traditions; Religious beliefs and practices fascinated him as a child

Names of popular poets that satirized Roman society

Horace, Juvenal, and Martial

Role of women in the early Roman republic

During the early Roman Republic, women had few rights. Later, they gained more freedom and played a larger role in society than did Greek women

Condition that made the western Roman empire vulnerable to attack

Splitting of empire; Weak borders

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