World History Unit 4

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What innovation enabled the Maya to adapt to their tropical environment and build a great civilization?

The construction of raised fields along rivers

In what ways did the Olmec most clearly influence both the Maya and Aztecs?

Construction of pyramid-shaped temples and inclusion of ball courts in ceremonial centers

According to your knowledge of Aztec society, a member of which of the following classes most likely recorded the text?


Which culture first developed an understanding of the concept of zero?


What benefit did conquest most likely offer the Aztecs?

Gaining access to more resources

Which of the following methods helped the Maya support their growing population?

Burning down forests to clear land for planted crops

Which group of people shared the characteristics described in this text? "The Olmec also invented a calendar, and they carved hieroglyphic writing into stone."

The Maya

What is the main difference between the Aztec and Maya regarding the governing of their societies?

The Maya lived in individual city-states, while the Aztec were unified under one leader.

For which of the following did the Maya use their stone palaces?

Location for government events and homes for royal families

Which of the following best describes an advantage of cooperation between Maya cities?

Trade allowed access to needed resources

Which of the following is an accurate statement?

The Incan emperor conquered neighboring peoples and enlisted them in his army.

What evidence do historians use to show that the Maya had advanced knowledge of astronomy?

The Maya developed a 365-day solar calendar.

What was one way that Aztec civilization differed from the Mayan civilization?

Farming on chinampas

What clues does the city of Tenochtitlan give about the achievements of Aztec?

The canals and temples in the city show advanced engineering skills

How do scholars think the Inca used the quiqu?

As a record-keeping systems to keep track of economic information

What was the purpose of Maya tzolkin?

To calculate the timing of religious events

What major mathematical idea did the Aztecs develop?

A numbering system based on 20

How did the worship of the god Inti help unify the Inca empire?

Inti’s female attendants were selected from each region of the Inca

Which language did the Inca speak?


Which Moche idea did the Inca use to communicate within their empire?

Systems of relay runners to carry messages

What was the initial purpose of the Iroquois League of the Northeast?

To prevent war amongst tribes in the Iroquois cultural group

How did the potlatch help the societies of the Northwest?

In the potlatch ceremony, wealth was redistributed, creating balance within the tribes.

In what is today the southwestern United States, which successful farming strategy did early Native American groups use?

Complex irrigation systems

Which statement best compares the parts men and women played in Iroquois League councils?

Council members were men, but each clan’s "clan mother" could name or remove them from the council.

Which of the following is one of the ways that climate and environment affected the development of civilization in North America?

Populations in the Northwest used their bountiful natural resources for food and trade.

How did the Sapa Inca strengthen his rule?

By imposing one language and religion across the empire

In what area of medicine did the Incas make the most notable advances?

Surgical preparation

How did empire-building benefit farm production?

By providing more labor resources

What practice among the Moche did the Inca adapt to unify their empire?

Construction of roads

In what capacity could Incan women serve?

As attendants to the sun god

What geographic feature limited the eastward expansion of the Inca empire?

Andes Mountains

Which early culture ruler the area that would later contain the Inca capital?


Which best describes the Sapa Inca?

An elaborate network of roads helped him to rule an empire.

What was significant about the roads described here?

They allowed armies and news to move rapidly throughout the empire

Which is an examples of how cooperation within the empire enabled the Inca to better control resources?

All Inca people worked and share supplies from storehouses when needed

Which aspect of early Chavin culture do archaeologists think influenced the later peoples of Peru?

Arts and religion

What accurately describe the role of the Inca "Chosen Women"?

Made the garments worn by the Sapa Inca and the Coya and devoted years to the study of Inca religion

What civilization’s influence could be found in both the Maya and Aztec civilizations?


What evidence supports the idea that both the Maya and Aztec civilizations were influenced by an older civilization?

Ball courts and calendars

This tall stone Mayan sculpture of a king is known as a


Which statement correctly describes a characteristic of Moche farmers?

They developd methods for fertilizing the soil and used canals to irrigate the land

Which statement tells another similarity between the civilizations discussed in the text?
"The three great civilizations of the Americas had many similarities. The Maya, the Aztecs, and the Inca were all adept at organizing the work forces necessary to accomplish large-scale building projects."

Each society had a clearly defined hierarchy with rulers and nobles at the top

Which civilizations was responsible for building the structures describes in this text?
"Some of the earthworks were large burial mounds, others served as platforms for structures such as temples, and still other served as defensive walls. Mounds were usually cone-shaped, oval or formed into the shape of an animal."


Which North American civilizations adapted to their environments in part by farming?

Iroquois and Puebloan

What archaeological evidence suggests the existence of trade among North America civilizations?

Presence of shell artifacts far from the sea

Which statements best compares the roles of men and women in Iroquois society?

Both men and women participated in food production, but they focused on different types of production

In what key way did geographic factors impact the development of different culture groups in North America?

Food production

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