World History Unit 3 Lesson 4

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Which sequence of events best describes the role of textile manufacturing in initiating industrialization

Demand for cotton cloth grew, cottage industry developed, machines replaced cottage industry, and early shed factories developed.

Which statement best explains how transportation technology advanced the Industrial Revolution

Transportation spurred industry because rivers, ports, canals, and railroads aided the shipment of goods to many places

Why were the first factories more efficient than the earlier putting-out system

They brought workers and machines together in one place

Which of the following statements best describes the middle class during the Industrial Revolution

The middle class women did not do physical labor and instead they hired maidservants to care for their homes

Identify two major effects of new technology on business during the Industrial Revolution

Production became faster and less expensive

Why did big business emerge during the Industrial Revolution

New technologies required the investment of more capital

Which development helped improve working conditions in many mines and factories during the late 1800s

The growth of labor unions

Why did industrialization spread to other countries

Other countries wanted to industrialize like Britain

Why was Darwin’s theory controversial in the 1800s

It contradicted the biblical view of creation

What was the goal of realist writers and artists

To present reality and comment on social wrongs

Which of the following did Romantic poetry, music, and art have in common

They stirred strong emotions and intense feelings in their audience

What was one effect of the Industrial Revolution on education

Universities began stressing science and engineering

Which statement best summarizes the main idea of the above quotation

Women must have the right to vote in order to win improvements in their lives

In which of the following pairs was the second development dependent on the first development

Invention of dynamo sending of first telegraph message

Which of the following inventions did Eli Whitney contribute to the Industrial Revolution

Cotton gin

The use of trams during the second Industrial Revolution changed the standard of living in which of the following ways

It allowed wealthy people to move away from city centers and commute when they needed to

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