World History Semester 1

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By the thirteenth century, the political and religious influence of Islam traveled further south because of: (Select all that apply)

missionaries and new trade routes

Mali faded under the rising power of _____.


What factor contributed to the fall of the Songhai Empire?

an invasion by Moroccans

Architects and builders were brought to Timbuktu to build _____.

public buildings, mosques, and libraries

Who introduced the people of Ghana to Islam in the mid-eleventh century?

the Almoravids

Askia Muhammad was a ruler of what empire?

Songhai Empire

The dispute regarding the nature of Christ was discussed at the _____.

The Council of Chalcedon

From this lesson, who played an important role in writing and interpreting the history and traditions of the Ethiopian kingdom?


What is unique about the Ethiopian churches that were constructed during Lalibela’s reign?

They were carved out of solid rock

True or False. During the fourth century, the rulers of Aksum converted to Islam.

False. They converted to Christianity.

What is the oldest continuous nation-state in Africa?



a raised roadway across a body of water


an artificial island built on a lake that is used for agriculture


an Aztec kinship group that practiced a specific trade or skill


Aztec nobility


Aztec commoners


being lower rank or status to another person


the "chief of men" at the top of the Aztec religious hierarchy

Tenochtitlán covered the area of what is now _____.

Mexico City

What was the penalty for gossip in Aztec society?

the loss of one’s lips

Where were the Aztecs told to build their capital?

where they saw an eagle sitting on a cactus eating a snake

True or False. In Aztec society, a person’s social class was fixed; rank was determined at birth, and there was no possibility of moving up the social hierarchy.


What did young men learn in Aztec public schools?

the history of Aztecs art of warfare civic duties of a citizen

What was the main purpose of war in Aztec society?

acquire captives for human sacrifice

What happened on the last day of the Aztec 52-year cycle?

The gods would decide whether or not to destroy the human world

What was the most common form of sacrifice in Aztec society?

Volunteer bloodletting

How long was the Aztec ritual year?

260 days

A kinship group that practiced a specific trade or skill was called a


An invasion by the _____ in the thirteenth century marked the downfall of the Seljuk dynasty.


The territory of a caliph is called a(n) _____.


The Abbasids sought to lessen the power of the _______ by moving their capital to Baghdad.


The Fatimids were _____ Muslims.


Which of the following characterize Sufi rituals and practices?

endurance, rhythm, and repetition

True or False. Sufism is not practiced today.


Tariqa is a religious order of _____.


Sufis believe that _____.

the soul passes through divine spheres

The "Great Three" West African empires were Ghana, Mali, and


What is the name of the church in Ethiopia that was carved into the shape of a cross?

Saint George

Mansa Musa ruled during the "Golden Age" of _____.


True or False. Latin Christians believe that Jesus was only of divine nature.


What was the capital city of the Aztec Empire?


What are chinampas?

artificial islands built on lakes for agricultural purposes

The Aztecs used two calendars. One was for the ritual year and the other was for the _____ year.


What language did the Aztecs speak?


The climate change, famine, and disease in this lesson all took place in the _____ century.


What happened in Europe as a result of the cooling in climate that occurred in the early fourteenth century?

crop failure

What did Europeans in the fourteenth century do during times of famine to survive?

They killed and ate their draft animals

Why did Europeans call the bubonic plague the Black Death?

because of the black boils that developed on the skin of infected individuals

Where did the plague of the fourteenth century originate?


From this lesson, what are the symptoms of bubonic plague?

Symptoms of bubonic plague include swelling of the lymph nodes, fever, and vomiting.

Who did some Christians blame for the spread of the Black Death?

the Jews……. lol xD

How much of Europe’s population died from the Black Death?


What did Europeans use to treat victims of the Black Death?

witchcraft and magic

True or False. Trade prospered during the period of the Black Death.


The bubonic plague reached Europe in 1347 when a fleet of Genoese ships arrived in _____.

Messina, Sicily

True or False. Bourgeoisie is a term that refers to both the middle class and the nobility.


How did England come to acquire the fertile lands of southern France?

Eleanor of Aquitaine married Henry II of England.

The counts and barons of Flanders were vassals of the king of


What practice did the English nobility adopt from the Normans?

wine drinking

Flanders was known for its _____ manufacturing.


The French forged an alliance with the _________ against the English.


From this lesson, what does Salic law state?

stated that property, including the throne, could not descend through a female

Who did Joan of Arc wish to crown as king of France at Rheims?

Charles VII

What is the last remnant of England’s medieval empire in France?

the Channel Islands

Who was captured in 1430 by the English and burned at the stake in 1431?

Joan of Arc

From this lesson, the Hundred Years’ War marked the beginning of England’s _____.

naval and maritime supremacy

The bubonic plague was carried by _____.

flea-infested rats

The number of deaths from the plague resulted in _____ in Europe.

labor shortages

What caused widespread crop failure in Europe in the early fourteenth century?

cooling climate

True or False. The antibiotic penicillin was used to treat those sick with the Black Death.


Prior to the start of the Hundred Years’ War, who gained control of the channel of water between England and France and the North Sea?


True or False. As result of the Hundred Years’ War, the feudal knight was discredited and European countries established professional standing armies.


Who belonged to the French bourgeoisie?

the middle class

Joan of Arc led the _______ to several military victories during the Hundred Years’ War.



a social class in China comprised of Confucian scholars, government officials, landlords, and rich merchants


the Japanese military government in Kamakura established by the Minamoto clan


the lesser warriors of Japan’s feudal age


a Japanese military commander


the warrior lords of Japan’s feudal age


professional organizations of merchants or artisans


money, goods, and property that a woman brings to her husband in marriage


a tax on imported goods


a high-ranking officer in an Islamic state



China’s "Golden Age" is characterized by _____.

stunning development and innovation

What did the Chinese practice in the hopes of attaining longevity and immortality?


What people groups did the Vietnamese Ly dynasty conquer?

the Cham and the Khmer

What were the two greatest warrior clans in Japan?

Taira and Minamoto

True or False. Stewards, bailiffs, and reeves were officials that ran everyday business on European manors while the lords were away.


The money and property that a woman brings to her husband in marriage is called a _____.


Your neighbor trades you a baseball cap for a book. What type of economy do you live in?

a barter economy

The period of intermittent fighting between England and France that started in 1337 and ended in 1453 is known as _____.

the Hundred Years’ War

Some people believe that Sufi derives from the Arabic word safa, meaning _____.


Tenochtitlán was the capital city of the Aztec Empire and was located:

on an island

During the "Golden Age," the Chinese were leaders in what industry?


The Vietnamese led independence movements against the


What document was created to limit the king’s power in England?

Magna Carta

The Italian city-states were important centers of trade between central Europe and

Byzantine Empire

In medieval European society, women were expected to obey _____.

their male family members

The Mongols and Tanguts had a trade dispute over


Who was Genghis Khan’s immediate successor?


During the Pax Mongolica, the Mongols _____.

promoted interstate relations made trade and travel safe

Mongol journey stations provided court messengers and merchants with _____.

food and horses

Typhoon winds led to the failed Mongol invasions of _____.


What ruling dynasty was established in China after the end of Mongol rule?

Ming Dynasty

True or False. Batu was the first Muslim ruler to receive the title of Sultan.


The Seljuks established their capital in


The mystical brand of Islam that emphasizes unique rituals for guiding spiritual seekers to a direct encounter with God is called _____.


Sufis practice meditation or _____.


True or False. Coptic Christians believe that Jesus was both human and divine.


What people group established an empire in the Valley of Mexico?

the Aztecs

Summer rains and bad weather in Europe in the early fourteenth century resulted in _____.


True or False. Some Europeans believed that the Black Death was sent by God to punish them for their sins.


Philip of Valois and _____ both claimed the right to the French throne after the death of Philip IV’s last son.

Edward III

The Hundred Years’ War was fought by _____.

England and France

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