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Who organized Kristallnacht?

The Nazi government

During the early 1900s the term soviet was initially the name for

the local council in each Russian City

In the wake of the February Revolution in Russia, Nicholas II

lost power and became a regular citizen

One reason the Third Reich was effective was because it

used propaganda to encourage nationalism and obedience

In what was was the Third Reich most successful

Factories and the infrastructure were expanded

Why is the name "totalitarianism" appropriate for that form of government

the government exerts total control

In 1941 Japan’s desire for expansion in the Pacific led to war with

The United States

Even before World War II started in 1939, Japan had already invaded which of these areas?


WHen Germany experienced inflation, price for goods


Which explains why freeing Italy and North Africa was part of the Allied strategy for winning the war

It would ulimately ensure victory over German forces

Why was the D-Day invasion crucial for the Allies’ Europe first strategy

the invasion was key in forcing the Germans to retreat East

Coalition is

group formed for a common purpose

Japan was unable to launch any more major offensives after losing the Battle of


To spur US recovery after the Great Depression, President Roosevelt

enacted numerous relief and welfare programs

In the years prior to World War I, the government of Russia was

an autocratic monarchy

Pearl Harbor Attack

Dec 1941, more than 2,300 americans died, 18 US ships sunk or were damaged

Statement best describes the Allied strategy for winning world war II

they planned to retake North Africa to invade through Italy, invade France from Britain and Germany from the soviet union, and then combine forces to defeat japan

Battle of Stalingrad

Nazi’s 1942 summer invasion of the soviet union, German troops began 5 month siege of the city, casualty rates extremely high on both sides, soviet victory in 1943 turning point of the war


device that uses radio waves to detect aircraft German term meaning "lightening war" foreign policy nation chooses to stay out of affairs removing something to safety to start

Nazi curriculum what were the most important subjects

physical fitness, agriculture, history


reward to encourage some to behave a certain way anti-jewish descrimination or prejudice towards Jew the government controls information in the media teach others to completely accept the beliefs official communications created to win support

why did mussolini believe that a fascist government would help him achieve his goals

it would help to bring the Italian people together for a single purpose

how did mussolini plan to increase Italy’s strength and power

he planned to expand Italian territory and create an empire

what is one cause of the spanish civil war

military leaders revolted hoping to establish as fascist government

Francisco Franco (1892-1975)

general in the spanish army, led the rebellion against the government, became the fascist dictator of spain

Nanking Massacre

1937 japan invaded china, japanese troops killed 300,000 civilians in the city of nanking, young soldiers were encouraged by their commanders to be as BRUTAL as possible


members in Italy named for their uniform political power is held by single leader/elite group extreme form that tries to control citizens lives created by Mussolini that favored conquering empir set of ideas and beliefs that shape political system

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