World History Chapter 21

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The Manchu Dynasty did not fall because of

discreet Japanese economic pressure.

Lord Macartney’s trip to Beijing in 1793

failed, as the Chinese government did not want additional trade with Britain.

To try to increase trade profits in China, the British

Shipped large amounts of opium into China at a massive profit

The Opium War

gave Britain control of Hong Kong.

Which of the following was not a feature of the Treaty of Nanjing?

The British agreed to stop exporting opium to China.

The so-called "barren rock" which Great Britain gained as a result of the Opium War was

Hong Kong.

The Taiping Rebellion

"peaked" with the rebel capture of the old Ming capital of Nanjing.

The Treaty of Tianjin

made the Chinese opium trade legal.

Which was not true about Qing control over its empire in the late nineteenth century?

The Russians versed territories north of the Amur river in Siberia to China

In 1894, the Qing went to war with Japan over


The Sino-Japanese War

forced China to cede Taiwan and the Liaodong peninsula to Japan.

With an aroused concern over the emergence of Japanese imperialist power in 1894, the European powers forced the Japanese to

return the Liaodong Peninsula to China.

A new round of Western territorial demands in China was sparked by the successful 1897 German acquisition of much of the

Shandong Peninsula.

In response to the reforms initiated by Emperor Guangxu, all occurred except

Democracy took root in China

The US Secretary of State who proposed the Open Door Policy was

John Hay

The Open Door Policy

served to calm the increasingly frantic pace of Western imperialism in China.

The Boxer Rebellion

was an uprising against foreigners by a secret society opposed to foreign imperialism.

In the years after the Boxer Rebellion, the

Slow pace reform served to intensify revolutionary fervor among the new reformist elite

All of the following about the Empress Dowager are correct except she

abandoned her Manchu connections and adopted western democracy reforms.

The medical doctor who formed the Revive China Society was

Sun Yat-sen

The Manchu general who became the president of a new Chinese republic in 1912 was

Yuan Shikai

The Tokugawa regime in Japan maintained formal diplomatic relations only with


The Japanese opening to the West resulted from

the naval expeditions of Commodore Perry.

The treaty of 1958 signed by US consul Townsend Harris and the Japanese accomplish all except

Restricting the American presence in Japan to the port of Nagasaki

All of the following were true about the so-called "Sat-Cho" alliance except that is

Never accepted the fact that Japan had to begin to make changes in order to survive

The capital under the Meiji Restoration was moved from

Kyoto to Tokyo.

The new modernizing policies of the Meiji Restoration included the

Confiscation of the lands controlled by the daimyo

The new leaders of the Meiji regime accomplished all except they

Gave the emperor absolute power inasmuch as he was a divine descendent of the Sun Goddess

The Progressive constitution adopted by the Japanese in 1890, with the authority placed in the executive branch of the government, was modeled on the government of


In the Treaty of Shimonoseki, the Japanese obtained all except

Beijing’s Forbidden City.

The Meiji Restoration

was in many ways a revolution from above

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