World History Chapter 2

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What geographic feature had the largest impact on Egyptian culture and prosperity?

Nile River

Settled agriculture developed first in Sumeria because of what particular natural feature?

Rivers that brought new soil with floods

The Sumerian mathematical system was based on units of 60,10, and 6 and survives in what modern system?

Time Measurement

The most important source of our knowledge of ancient Jews has been?

The Hebrew Bible

Hammurabi’s code was designed to

Regulate the relationships among his people and promote their welfare

Who worked the land owned by the king, nobles, or temples in ancient Sumeria?

Client Farmers and slaves

In 1300 BCE the Hitites and Egypitans formed an alliance that promoted trade and was joined by what other state?


Which of the following best describes a ziggurat-style temple?

Stepped pyramid

Two characteristics that made Cyrus a remarkable warrior-king were his concept of empire and his

benevolence and humanity as a ruler

The pharaoh was responsible for integrating

gods and humans

In addition to papyrus, Egyptian heiroglyphs were

written on walls

In general, how did residents of ancient cities tend to view residents of rural areas?

City dwellers viewed themselves as more sophisticated

Taxation in Sumeria probably began as a system for supporting what feature?


One of the earliest gods worshipped by the Egyptians was Amon, god of

the sky

At what point did slavery become widespread in Egypt?

New Kingdom

Ancient Egyptians believed that which pharaoh united Upper and Lower Egypt into a single kingdom?


The Hebrew leader who captured the city of Jerusalem was


One of Cyrus the Great’s goals in forming the Persian Empire was to protect eastern Iran from

nomadic invaders

Where in the city did Sumeria build their large ziggurat temples?

In the center of the city

The Hebrews created a monarchy with Saul by fighting what other Palestinian people in the eleventh century BCE?


Egyptians believed that what, or who, controlled the rise and fall of the Nile?


What city became the capital of Sargon’s empire?


The destruction of the Assyrian Empire paved the way for the emergence of…

The Persian Empire

In the Egyptian religious system, who killed the god Osiris?

Seth, His brother

The term "history" comes from what early writer?


During the babylonian Captivity, the hebrew religion…

was redefined

Early states used what method to control their populace?

Threats of violence

In Sumeria the people who were "clients" were

free people who were dependent on nobles

How did Herodotus share his written history of the Greek-Persian wars?

It was recited orally

The Assyrians

were one of the most warlike people in history

In ancient Israel, the education of children

was the responsibility of both mothers and fathers

Ahuramazda and Angra Mainyu

represented good and evil

Hammurabi secured Babylon’s cultural power through

his success in making Marduk, the god of Babylon, sovereign to all other gods

In mespotamia, what material was used for writing?

Soft Clay

The frist states that historians know of were developed in what region?


In hammurabi’s law code, who controlled a woman’s dowry when she married?

She did

The new kingdom was maredly different from the previous Middle and Old kingdoms by focusing more attention on


To rival the power of the temples, miltary leaders who became kings began to build what kinds of structures?


The phoenician’s greatest cultural achievement was the

created of a phonetic alphabet

Afer Solomon’s death, the Hebrew kingdom

was largely destroyed by an internal power struggle

Zoroaster taught that

people possessed free will and were accountable for their own actions

A contribution of the Hyksos to Egyptian society was through

the making of bronze

The earliest Sumerian writings

were pictographs in which each sign pictured an object

Hittites were different from the peoples of Mesopotamia and Egypt because of

their use of iron weapons and an indo-european language

Although reasons for writing changed over time, Sumerian scribes were first trained mainly to

property and wealth records

How does papyrus compare to clay tablets as a writing material?

It is more fragile and less likely to survive

The first rulers of Sumerian city-states such as Ur ad Uruk were


The name Phoenician is a Greek term derived from the Phoenician

purple textiles

Where did Sumerian scribes learn the cuneiform writing system?

scribal schools

Akhenaten’s interest in monotheism failed in Egypt because

it was imposed on people and enforced by intolerance

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