Work in Colonial America 1.4.2 Apex US History 1

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Which colonies were mostly made up of small towns and farms

New England colonies

In which colonies did most people live on family farms that provided nearly everything they needed?

Upper Middle colonies

Which colonies were mostly made up of plantations

Southern colonies

What was the major economy of the southern colonies

Cash crops grown on plantations

What was the major economy of the middle colonies?

Family farms and merchants

What was the major economy of the New England colonies?

Small farms, seaports, and skilled labor

How did an artisan make a living?

Making items for other colonists

Why were artisans important?

They made items colonists needed

Why did the colonists need artisans?

They made items colonists needed

What happened to an English woman’s property when she married?

It came under the control of her husband.

Who controlled a married English woman’s property?

Her husband

Who controlled the property of a woman whose husband had died?

The woman herself

What was the expected role of a woman in the colonies?

To take care of the home and garden

How did a colonial woman get most of the things her family needed?

She made them herself

On a small colonial farm, who most likely did the planting, caring for, and harvesting of the crops?

The husband

What was true about most colonial Americans?

They lived on farms

What was true about cities in colonial America?

They were unhealthy and crowded

What was true about most farmers in colonial America?

They ate the same types of foods every day.

Which colonial region was known for supporting both plantations and family farms?


Farming in which colonial region tended to wear out the soil and created demand for additional farmland to the west?


People in which colonial region mostly lived next to each other in towns with a common grazing area and public meeting house?

New England

Which of these jobs in colonial America was known for being dangerous?


Which of these workers in colonial America was known for making barrels, as well as for furniture and construction?


Which of these jobs in colonial America involved supplying raw products?


What colonial city had the largest population>


The upper class of colonial cities most often included:

Wealthy merchants

The urban middle class in colonial American most often included:


Single young women in colonial America were expected to:

Live with their parents

Which of these situations was most common in colonial America?

A marriage ended by the dealth of a husband or wife.

A similarity between most women and men farmers in colonial America was that:

They worked hard.

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