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A font size point is 1/50 of an inch.


Dragging the pointer over the font list allows you to preview how selected text will look if the highlighted font is applied.


The gallery of font colors includes a set of theme colors and a set of standard colors.


Pressing [F4] allows you to format text just like the Format Painter.


You must select an entire paragraph to change its paragraph formatting.


Use the Before and After text boxes in the Paragraph group on the PAGE LAYOUT tab to change the paragraph spacing.


Indent markers on the horizontal ruler always indicate the default indent settings of the document.


Use a negative indent if you want the subsequent lines of a paragraph to be indented more than the first line


When you apply highlighting to text, the highlighting is only visible on the screen and does not print.


You must apply text wrapping to a graphic in order to move it independently of text.

False, Font

A(n) theme is a complete set of characters with the same typeface.

False, Graphic

You should use the Font list arrow to change the size of text to 20 points.


You can right-align a paragraph so that the text is flush with the right margin and has a jagged left edge.

False, Decrease

Use the Increase Indent button in the Paragraph group on the HOME tab to promote items in a multilevel list.


_________ fonts have a small stroke at the ends of the characters.

Font List Arrow

To change the formatting of text from Calibri to Arial, which tool should you use?


What keyboard shortcut selects an entire document?

Text Effects

What are shadows and outlines examples of?

Font Style

What should you change in order to make characters narrower and give text a tall, thin appearance?

Click the Text effects button, and then select the desired text effect

Which sequence of steps do you perform to add a shadow or outline to text?

Clicking once

____ the Format Painter button allows it to remain active until you turn it off.

Copy Formatting

Which feature allows you to copy multiple format settings at once?


You can use the ____ tab in the Font dialog box to change the scale of selected characters, to alter the spacing between characters, or to raise or lower the characters.

Quick Styles

What are sets of styles that use common fonts, colors, and formats called?


When text is ____ both the left and right edges of the paragraph are flush with the left and right margins.

Left Aligned

By default, how is text aligned?

Drag it up or down off the ruler.

How do you remove a tab stop?


Tab ____ are the lines that appear in front of tabbed text.

Left Tab

By default, what is the active tab type?


In the accompanying figure, the item marked 1 is the ____ tab.


In the accompanying figure, the item marked 2 is the ____ tab.

Remove Formatting command on the Mini toolbar.

Which command should you use to quickly return text to the default format?

11 point Calibri

What is the default font formatting in Word 2013?

Negative Indent

What type of indent should you use to move the left edge of a paragraph to the left of the left margin?

Define New Bullet

Which option do you click in the Bullets list to use a symbol or picture for a bullet character?


Pressing ____ in the middle of a numbered list creates a new numbered paragraph and automatically renumbers the remainder of the list.


Which of the following is NOT a format option for borders?


A(n) ____ graphic moves independently from text.

A text wrapping style is applied to it.

Which of the following is true of a floating graphic?

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