Windows 10 Security Features

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The local security policy is part of a larger Windows management system known as which of the following?

Group Policy

Which of the following is considered one of the biggest sources of malware (malicious software)?

the Internet

What type of encryption algorithm uses the same key to encrypt data and decrypt data?


Account policies settings are located in which of the following?

local security policy

In Windows 10, advanced audit policies can only be edited at a command-line.


Match each item with a statement below.

* An encryption technology for individual files and folders that can be enabled by users

* Malicious software designed to perform unauthorized acts on your computer

* The security process that records the occurrence of specific operating system events in the Security log

* A feature in Windows 10 that elevates user privileges only when required

* A feature in Windows 10 that can encrypt the operating system partition of a hard drive and protect system files from modification

* A one-way encryption algorithm that creates a unique identifier that can be used to determine whether data has been changed

* A collection of settings to control password characteristics such as length and complexity

* Anti-malware software included with Windows 10

* A command-line tool that is used to apply, export, or analyze security templates

Encrypting File System (EFS) Malware Auditing User Account Control (UAC) BitLocker Drive Encryption Hashing algorithm Password policy Windows Defender Secedit

Which policy controls password characteristics for local user accounts?


NTFS permissions can be easily circumvented when you have physical access to a computer.


Which of the following is a threat to privacy and is sometimes installed when you visit a website?


Applications that are not designed for Windows 10 and that require administrative privileges do not properly request elevated privileges, generating an error. You can eliminate this error by using which of the following?

Application Compatibility Toolkit

The most common use for AppLocker is malware prevention.


Which policy allows you to configure an account to be temporarily disabled after a number of incorrect log-on attempts?

account lockout

Which advanced audit policy setting tracks when tasks are performed that require a user rights assignment, such as changing the system time?

privilege use

To address the risks to data stored on computers and laptops, which encryption technology is available in Windows 10?

BitLocker Drive Encryption

Which of the following can be used to define which programs are allowed or disallowed in the system?


What type of encryption algorithm uses two keys to encrypt and decrypt data?


Which type of permissions are considered the most basic level of data security in Windows 10?


What type of encryption algorithm is one-way encryption, which means that it encrypts data, but the data cannot be decrypted?


What type of software is silently installed on your computer, monitors your behavior, and performs actions based on your behavior?


Which rule condition identifies software by file location?


Which security process records the occurrence of specific operating system events in the Security log?


Every object in Windows 10 has audit events related to it.


The Account Policies in the Local Security Policy can be used to control domain accounts.


Newer Windows applications use which of the following to describe the structure of an application?


Which part of the motherboard in your computer is used to store encryption keys and certificates?


What is the default value for the "Maximum password age" setting in the Password Policy?

42 Days

The process of taking data and making it unreadable is known as which of the following? (Choose all that apply)

Obfuscation CorrectIncorrect Encryption

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