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You can code pseudo-classes in any order.


The _______ is the area between the content and the border.


Using CSS for page layout requires some patience since it requires more time to test since even modern browsers implement CSS in slightly different ways.


_________ flow displays the elements on the page in the order they appear in the web page source code.


The advantages of using CSS to configure page layout usually outweigh the disadvantages.


When using the box model, the _____ is always transparent.


The correct order to code CSS pseudo-classes:

link, visited, hover, active

When using the margin property to determine the empty space between the element and any adjacent elements, specify the margins in the following order:

clockwise: margin-top, margin-right, margin-bottom, margin-left

Select the example below that could be used to clear a right float.

clear: right; (don’t choose overflow: right)

The CSS to create the class called myfloat that floats to the right of the other page content, has a 10px margin, and a solid border is:

.myfloat { float:right; margin:10px; border:solid; }

Use a class to configure a style when:

the style could apply to more than one element on a page.

Select the example below that configures a container to clear all floated elements that are within the container.

overflow: auto;

The wrapper id is assigned the background color that will show through in the left column id area to help to create the two-column effect.


All types of browsers, old and new, experience a Web site designed using CSS for page layout in the same way.


Advantages of using CSS for Page Layout include:

(all of these are advantages)

Which of the following configures a margin for an element with the following values: top margin 30 pixels, left margin 150 pixels, right margin 0 pixels, and bottom margin 0 pixels?

margin:30px 0 0 150px;

To apply a style to a certain group of elements on a web page, configure a CSS _____________.


Comments used in CSS page layout can span multiple lines.


Use the ________ property along with the left, right and/or top property to precisely configure the position of an element.


The float property causes the browser to display XHTML elements outside of the normal flow on the left or right side of the container element


The default value for the border property for an element is:

0 pixels

If an element is configured with ___________ the other content on the page will appear to its left.


Choose the example below that configures a comment in CSS.

/ comment / (just like Flash, slashes with astericks)

Normal flow causes the browser to render the element in the order that they appear in the XHTML source code.


The box model consists of a content area surrounded by:

padding, border, and margin

When configuring the background color of an element, the background color is applied to both the content and ______ areas.

PADDING (don’t choose margin)

Use ___________ positioning to slightly change the location of an element in relation to where it would otherwise appear when rendered by a browser.


Which of the following is a recommended CSS debugging technique?

(all of these)

Use the ________ or _______ property to clear a float.

clear or overflow

The _____ pseudo-class configures the appearance of the hyperlink before it is clicked.


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