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A _______________ involves the exclusive use of a rented computer and connection to the Internet that is housed in the Web hosting company’s premises.

dedicated Web server

The methodology used by web project teams is usually:

a derivative of the SDLC similar to the one discussed in this chapter

Choosing the most appropriate Web host provider for your business could be one of the most important decisions you make.


Before selecting a web host provider, it is a good idea to.

Carefully read their service level agreement

In the ______ Phase a prototype of the web site will often be created.


There is no reason to consider the operating system of the Web server when selecting a Web host.


Select the items involved in the role of an Information Architect.

defining the site organization, navigation, and labeling

The _______________ determines appropriate use of graphics on the site, creates and edits graphics.

Graphic Designer

When choosing a domain name for your Web presence, which of the folowing should you consider?

all of these (avoid hyphens ("-"), Brainstorm potential keywords that potential visitors might type into a search engine when looking for your type of business, Avoid trademarked words or phrases)

Commercial businesses should register a domain name with a .org TLD.


Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft Expression Web are examples of Web authoring tools.


Select the tasks that should be performed when a web site is tested.

all of these (-Check all of the hyperlinks within the site. -View the site in a variety of Web browsers. -View the site in a variety of screen resolutions.)

Which of the following job roles includes the tasks of overseeing the Web site development process, coordinating team activities, creating project plans and schedules.

Project Manager

A _____________ is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.


If you have a small to medium sized Web site, which of the following requirements should you consider as very important when selecting a Web Host Provider?

all of these – (Unlimited data transfer, E-mail, Support of server-side scripting)

You should never consider using a "free" Web host provider for a business site.


Which of the following job roles includes the tasks of writing the XHTML code and client-side scripting?

Web Developer

There is no such thin as too much testing.


A long-standing methodology used to develop information systems is the…

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

It is recommended to register multiple domain names for a Web site.


______________ is appropriate for the initial web presence of an organization.

Virtual Hosting

An alternative to creating all or part of a web site within your organization is to use:


The Analysis Phase of a web site project determines…

all of these (What the site will do not how it will be done, The information topics of the site, The content requirements of the site)

The type of testing that observes how actual web page visitors use a web site is called:

Usability Testing

Which of the following is a Web site development methodology?

all of these (Web Site Development Cycle, Prototyping, Spiral System Development)

The _________ operating system(s) treat uppercase and lowercase letters differently.

both UNIX and Linux

Select an activity of the Production Phase:

all of these (-A web authoring tool is often used. -The graphics, web pages, and other components are created. -The web pages are individually tested.)

Select an activity of the Evaluation Phase:

both of these

___________ is appropriate for a large to enterprise web site.

Dedicated Hosting

When considering a domain name, one should verify that it is available by checking which of the following sites that ofer domain name registration?

both of these

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