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Select the most commonly used screen resolution.

1024 by 768

A ________ is a sketch or blueprint of a web page that shows the structure (but not the detailed design) of basic page elements such as the logo, navigation, content, and footer.


Consider ________ when designing for display on a mobile device.

all of these

The four principles of WCAG 2.0 are as follows:

perceivable, operable, understandable, robust (POUR)

Select the best description of "white space".

empty screen area around blocks of text and images

When applying the design principle of ________ related items are grouped together.


Solid or fixed design is sometimes called ________ design and uses a fixed-width page layout.


Select the true statement below.

=Animation should be used only if it enhances your web site

Select a good design recommendation for text hyperlinks.

use a key phrase as a hyperlink

Select the most commonly used site organization for commercial web sites.


Select the items below that can help to appeal to the intended or target audience of a site.

all of these

Select the three most common methods of organizing websites.

hierarchical, linear, and random

Select the group whose mission is to create guidelines and standards for web accessibility.

Web Accessibility Initiative

Select the true statement below.

Placing white space around graphics and headings helps them to stand out.

Select the recommended design practice that applies to a website using images for main site navigation.

both provide alternative text for the images and place text links at the bottom of the page

The main site navigation or a section offering navigation choices should contain:

Visually grouped sections of hyperlinks

Applying the design principle of ________ serves to add visual interest and draw attention.


Which of the following is not a web design recommended practice?

use frames whenever possible

Different browsers and even different browser versions will display your web page ________.

in different ways

Select the item below that does not belong in a consistent website design.

a different background color on each page

The box model consists of a content area surrounded by:

padding, border, and margin

Use the ________ property to configure an image to use as a bullet point in an unordered list.


The ________ is the area between the content and the border.


The ________ HTML5 element is used to configure the main navigation area on a web page.


Select the example below that could be used to clear a right float.

clear: right;

Use an id to configure a style when:

the style will apply to only one element on a page

________ will configure a class called blog to stack on top of other elements that have a z-index of 3?


________ flow displays the elements on the page in the order they appear in the web page source code.


Use the ________ or ________ property to clear a float.

clear or overflow

If an element is configured with ________ the other content on the page will appear to its left.


To apply a style to one or more elements on a web page, configure a CSS ________.


From the choices below select the correct order to code CSS pseudo-classes.

link, visited, hover, active

When using the box model, the ________ is always transparent.


When configuring the background color of an element, the background color is applied to both the content and ________ areas.


Choose the item below that is not an HTML5 element.


The CSS to create the class called myfloat that floats to the right of the other page content, has a 10px margin, and a solid border is:

.myfloat { float:right; margin:10px; border: 1px solid #000000; }

The ________ pseudo-class configures the styles that will apply when the mouse is over a hyperlink.


The ________ property is used to modify the stacking order of elements on a web page.


Choose the example below that configures a comment in CSS.

/ comment /

Which of the following configures a margin for an element with the following values: top margin 30 pixels, left margin 150 pixels, right margin 0 pixels, and bottom margin 0 pixels?

margin:30px 0 0 150px;

The W3C’s concept of "One Web" relates to providing a single resource that is configured for optimal display on multiple types of devices.


The ________ attribute indicates if a style sheet configures for screen display or the printed page.


It is possible to use CSS to configure page breaks in a printed web page.


The ________ attribute of the anchor tag can cause the new web page to open in its own browser window.


Use the ________ property in the HTML link tag to associate a web page with a style sheet for printing.


A ________ determines the capability of the mobile device, such as screen resolution, and directs browsers to CSS.

media query

A benefit of using the CSS Sprites technique is to decrease the number of HTTP request calls to the web server.


How would you link to the named fragment #school on the page resume.html from the home page of the site?

<a href="resume.html#school">Educational Background</a>

How would you define a fragment identifier at the top of a page, called "top"?

<div id="top">

Select a recommendation for mobile web design from the choices listed below.

Use a single column page layout

Select the item below that lists elements used in an HTML table:

table, tr, td

Is the following HTML code valid?
&lt;table width="75%" border="1" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="5"&gt;


Which of the following CSS3 properties configure the alignment of text within a table?


An HTML table is comprised of ________ and ________.

rows and columns

To configure the table cells to share a common border and eliminate the default space between table cells configure ________.

border-collapse: collapse;

Use the ________ tag pair to configure table headings.

<th> </th>

Use the ________ tag pair to begin and end a table row.

<tr> </tr>

To define the distance between the edges of each cell in a table use the ________ attribute.


Use ________ element to indicate column or row headings.


To define the distance between the cell text and the cell border in a table, use the ________ attribute.


When configuring a group of radio button form controls, the value of the ______ attribute on each radio button must be the same.


Select the HTML tag below that configures a button that, when clicked, will automatically reset form fields to their default values.

both <input type="reset"> and <button type="reset">Reset</button>

Select the XHTML below that would associate a label displaying the text "Phone" with the text box named customerPhone.

both <label>Phone: <input type="text" name="customerPhone" ></label> and <label for="Phone">Phone: </label><input type="text" name="customerPhone" id="Phone" >

Select the attribute used to limit the number of characters that a text box will accept.


Select the form control from the choices below that may be used to submit a form.

<input type="submit" >

The purpose of the ________ is to configure a label for a &lt;fieldset&gt;.


Select the attribute used to limit the width of a text box as displayed in a browser.


Select the value of the type attribute that configures an HTML5 slider control.


An order form contains an area for web visitors to select their state or province. You need to limit the amount of space on the form that is used for this feature. Select the form control that is best to use for this purpose.

select list

Select the tag used to visually group a number of form controls.


Use the ________ attribute on the &lt;form&gt; tag to specify the name and location of the script that will process the form control values.


Select the statement below that is true about forms.

A form can be used to pass information to a program or script on the web server

Select the true statement from the choices below.

none of these

The HTML5 ________ form control provides the user with a selection of choices along with an option to enter information.


Choose the HTML tag below that would configure a scrolling text box with the name "feedback", 3 rows, and 60 characters.

<textarea name="feedback" rows="3" cols="60"></textarea>

You would like to conduct a survey and ask your web page visitors to indicate the computer operating systems that they use. Each visitor could use more than one computer operating system. Select the form control that is best to use for this purpose.

check box

________ is a standard method or protocol for web pages to request special processing on the web server, such as database queries, sending e-mails, or handling form data.

Common Gateway Interface

Select the type of form control that "disguises" the characters that are typed.


Select the form control below that would be appropriate to accept comments about your web site.

scrolling text box

Select the XHTML tag below that configures a textbox with the name "email" and a width of 40 characters.

<input type="text" name="email" size="40" >

Select an activity of the Evaluation Phase

determine if the goals for the website have been met

The methodology used by web project teams is usually:

a derivative of the SDLC similar to the one discussed in this chapter

A ________ involves the exclusive use of a rented computer and connection to the Internet that is housed in the web hosting company’s premises.

dedicated web server

There is no reason to consider the operating system of the web server when selecting a Web host.


In the ________ Phase a prototype of the website will often be created.

Design Phase

A ________ is a word, phrase, symbol, or design that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.


Before selecting a web host provider, it is a good idea to.

both Try to contact their technical support and Carefully read their service level agreement

Select the items involved in the role of an Information Architect.

defining the site organization, navigation, and labeling

Select the tasks that should be performed when a website is tested.

all of these

The Analysis Phase of a web site project determines

all of these

The ________ operating system(s) treat uppercase and lowercase letters differently.

both UNIX and Linux

________ is appropriate for a large to enterprise website.

Dedicated Hosting

The type of testing that observes how actual web page visitors use a website is called:

Usability testing

________ is appropriate for the initial web presence of an organization.

Virtual Hosting

Select an activity of the Production Phase:

all of these

An alternative to creating all or part of a website within your organization is to use:


It is recommended to register multiple domain names for a website.


A long-standing methodology used to develop information systems is the

System Development Life Cycle

Commercial businesses should register a domain name with an .org TLD.


The ________ determines appropriate use of graphics on the site, creates and edits graphics.

Graphic Designer

The ________ defines every object and element on a web page.

Document Object Model

The term Ajax stands for

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML

The file extensions .wav, .mp3, and .ogg are used for:

audio files

The ________ element is a void element that specifies a media file and a MIME type.


Select recommended usability and accessibility practices.

supply text descriptions of audio and video files that appear in your web pages

Java can be described as:

an object-oriented programming language

Use the ________ attribute on a &lt;video&gt; tag to display user controls for the video player.


The file extensions .avi, .m4v, and .ogv are used for:

video files

The ________ element is used with an object element to provide additional information.


When configured with object and param elements, the browser uses a ________ to play media such as audio and video files.


When displaying a Java applet, the browser invokes the ________ to interpret the bytecode into the appropriate machine language.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM)

Scenario: The Firefox browser is being used to display a web page with a video but no video controls display-only the poster image is shown. Read the following code snippet and select the reason for the incorrect display from the choices below.

&lt;video controls="controls" poster="sparky.jpg"
width="160" height="150"&gt;
&lt;source src="sparky.m4v" type="video/mp4"&gt;
&lt;source src="sparky.ogg" type="video/ogg"&gt;
&lt;a href="sparky.mov"&gt;Sparky the Dog&lt;/a&gt; (.mov)

The file extension .ogg is incorrect.

Use the ________ attribute on a &lt;video&gt; tag to display an image that represents the movie.


Scenario: The Internet Explorer 8 browser is being used to display a web page with an audio player but the audio element displays nothing on the page. Read the following code snippet and select the reason for the incorrect display from the choices below.

&lt;audio controls="controls"&gt;
&lt;source src="podcast.mp3" type="audio/mpeg"&gt;
&lt;source src="podcast.ogg" type="audio/ogg"&gt;

There is no fallback content to display for browsers that do not support the audio element.

Use the ________ attribute on the &lt;object&gt; tag to indicate the MIME type of the media file.


The CSS3 ________ property allows you to rotate, scale, skew, or move an element.


Select the true statement from those listed below.

Java applets may be contained in files with the .class extension

In terms of copyright, Fair Use is determined to be

The use of a copyrighted work for purposes such as criticism, reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

Select the tag below that is recommended by the W3C to add media to a web page.

the <object> tag

The ________ element configures dynamic graphics.


Select the term below that describes an electronic payment for goods or services using a mobile device such as a smartphone.

mobile payment

Identify a disadvantage of an instant online storefront.

the store is based on a template and may look very similar to other online stores

Identify a protocol that allows data to be privately exchanged over public networks.


Select a major function of E-Commerce.

the buying and selling of goods

Choose the option below that best describes how a website owner can obtain a digital certificate.

Visit a certificate authority and apply for a digital certificate

Encrypted data is called ________


Identify a potential risk for businesses using E-Commerce.

the possibility of fraudulent transactions

A merchant account is a type of business bank that allows a business to accept credit card payments.


Decryption is the conversion of data into an unreadable form.


Select an encryption method that uses a single shared, private key

Symmetric Encryption

The measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data for the purposes of understanding and optimizing web usage is called ________.

Web analytics

In an affiliate program a website (the affiliate) promotes another website’s products or services (the merchant) in exchange for a commission.


Select the true statement below

Descriptive page titles and heading tags with appropriate keywords can help with search engine optimization.

The ability to keep web page visitors at your site is called ________.


The first step in submitting your web site to search engines and search directories is to

prepare your pages for search engines by adding keyword and description meta tags to your pages

Click thru rate (CTR) is the

ratio of the number of times an ad is clicked to the number of times it is viewed.

A a two-dimensional barcode in a square pattern that is readable by a smartphone camera scan application.

QR code

Website promotion methods include:

all of these

Select the best description of an "impression".

your ad is viewed by a website visitor

Search indexes are different from search engines because:

Search indexes have a human being review your web site

Select the true statements about meta tags

They may be used by search engines to index a web page

Select the components of a search engine.

all of these

A rating determined by a search engine based on the number of links to a particular site and the qualities of those links is called ________.

link popularity

________ are the most popular method used by visitors to find web sites.

search engines

Uses for meta tags include:

all of these

Select the true statement below.

Paying to be listed preferentially in a search engine is considered by many organizations to be a justified cost of doing business.

The term ________ refers to configuring a web page so that it can be easily linked to from social bookmarking and social networking sites.

social media optimization

Other parts of a web page that a search engine robot may examine include:

all of these

Information about which keywords are bringing visitors to your website can be found in the ________.

website log

The ________ element provides for nested browsing.


In the context of web page interactivity, an ________ can be described as an action taken by the user.


The ________ property can set the background color of the document.


Select an appropriate use of JavaScript.

form validation

Select the technology that was developed by a joint effort between Netscape and Sun Microsystems.


The ________ method displays a message to the user and contains one button.


A ________ is a term used to describe a select list that allows the user to select an option to load another web page.

jump menu

A function can ________ a value to indicate success or failure.


Use the ________ method to write text to a web page.


Which of the following will assign the value "Smith" to the variable customerName?

customerName = "Smith";

The ________ defines every object and element on a web page.

Document Object Model

How many scripts can be embedded in an XHTML document?

As many as you need

The ________ event handler is triggered when the visitor places their mouse on an object.


JavaScript can be described as:

an object-oriented scripting language

Select the true statement from those listed below.

all of these

The code to access the contents of an input box named email on a form is


A ________ is an attribute or characteristic of an object.


A ________ is an action that can be performed with an object.


Select the comparison operator to use when testing a condition for equality


Select the valid JavaScript variable name below.


A ________ is a reusable block of JavaScript statements.


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