Watergate and the Ford Years

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The term impeachment refers to

removing a government official from office.

In an attempt to address the national reaction to the pardon of former President Nixon, President Ford

testified before Congress.

When President Nixon agreed to turn over only some of the Watergate tapes or edited transcripts to the special prosecutor,

the prosecutor filed a Supreme Court case against Nixon.

Which was a success of the Ford Administration?

reducing inflation

In 1972, the Watergate break-in occurred at the offices of

the Democratic National Committee.

In 1973, the year following Nixon’s re-election, the Watergate burglars testified that

they had been employed by Nixon’s re-election campaign.

After taking office, President Ford resolved the lingering issue of Watergate by

pardoning Nixon.

How did news of the Watergate break-in first reach the public?

through a series of newspaper articles

President Ford’s attempt to move beyond the Watergate scandal

angered many American voters.

Which best summarizes the outcome of the Watergate scandal?

Nixon resigned to avoid impeachment; Ford pardoned Nixon, then went before Congress to justify his decision.

In United States v. Nixon, the Supreme Court ruled that

Nixon could not withhold the Watergate tapes under "executive privilege."

How did most of the nation react to President Nixon’s "Saturday Night Massacre"?

Many people called for him to be impeached.

Nixon’s firing of several staff members who refused to follow his orders became known as the

Saturday Night Massacre.

What was President Nixon’s first reaction to the special prosecutor’s request for the Watergate tapes?

He fired the attorney general for refusing to fire the special prosecutor.

How did news of the Watergate break-in affect Nixon’s 1972 re-election bid?

The news did not harm his re-election bid.

Which men testified against Nixon during the Watergate hearings?

John Dean and Alexander Butterfield

Why was John Dean’s testimony against President Nixon so damaging?

Dean had been an important official in the White House.

Who became president of the United States after Nixon’s resignation?

Gerald Ford

The Supreme Court’s decision in United States v. Nixon resulted in Nixon’s


Nixon worried about being reelected in 1972 largely because he had

narrowly won the popular vote in 1968

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