Warriors Don’t Cry Ch. 1-9 Notes

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Chapter 1

In this chapter, we learn some basic things about the main character, Melba, and we know that she is born on December 7th, 1941. Melba’s birth was a complicated one, but she eventually made a full recovery and on top of all of that, Melba also had to go through the harsh reality of segregation when she was five years old.

Chapter 2

In this chapter, the local newspapers talk about the Brown Vs. Board Of Education case, which was sent to the Supreme Court, but soon her teacher dismisses Melba’s class early, and the teacher told them to walk in groups and to hurry. They begin to enter a persimmon field soon, and soon a man starts chasing Melba down, and she was running as fast as possible, but unfortunately, the man quickly caught up to Melba.Melba eventually makes it home, after a tough fight. This attack is carried out by a racist. Melba writes in her diary that it is important to read the newspaper, even if she has to spend a nickel of her own money to stay up to date about current events. The chapter ends with Melba’s family are soon driving to Cincinnati, Ohio to visit their great uncle. Melba’s family is being treated much more fairly in Cincinatti than ever before since they did not experience racism. At the end of the chapter, Melba wants to not go back to Little Rock.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, Melba was drowning in unfamiliar activities, specifically meetings that only allowed Melba to visit with her friends, and she felt comftorable being with Thelma, Minnijean, Carlotta, and Gloria, 4 of her friends. On Labor Day, Melba’s family gathered at her aunt’s house for a final picnic for the summer. On late Monday night, a ring of the phone woke Melba up, saying to wait until going to Central High. Melba writes to her diary, saying that they probably won’t like me. The chapter ends with Melba going to Central High.

Chapter 4

In this chapter, the mood of the chapter is scared, and Melba is going to Central High for the first time. When Elizabeth tried to get into Central High, she got shut out. There are big unusual crowds on the way. Melba is feeling anxious, then she sees the loud mob of people, and it turns into a riot with police and soldiers! Melba’s mom tells her that she can’t go outside. Additionally, her grandmother protects her by protecting her during the night hours.

Chapter 5

In this chapter, the press tells the government to cooperate with the Supreme Court ruling, which said that it was time to let the kids into the school. Melba is unhappy since she can’t go to wrestling matches with grandma. There is a 10-day respite given by the President to governor Faubus. There was a meeting with Thurgood Marshall, who was a famous lawyer . He says to the families to not give up in going to Central High. He says he is working on forcing intergration . Soon Little Rock Nine was being introduced afterwards. Melba is feeling good because she is being treated fairly by the white reporters, and they really cared about what Melba said. At the end of this chapter, she prayed to god.

Chapter 6

In this chapter, Melba is in court. Melba’s group is being taken inside by a group of people, and they enter a very crowded elevator. Suddenly, uniformed men arrive and begin walking towards some business people. The group of people was all ordered to rise, and the hearing kept going on. Afterwards, after lunch, they saw Thurgood Marshall, who is black, is still affected by segregation. It was soon time for Melba’s group to present their case. The chapter ends with Melba finding out that she will be a Central High student, effective on Monday morning.

Chapter 7

In this chapter, Melba reads in the morning newspaper, a headline titled Integration Halted again. The nine children acknowledged each other, and soon shouts became audible, and they were trying to keep *****s out. They go to meet Central High’s principal, Mrs. Huckaby, who gave them their schedules and homeroom assignments. A woman called Melba a ****. The teacher soon starts with class. The same woman called Melba a **** again. Soon Melba meets Mrs. Pickwick. Somebody asks what they are going to do about the **** children. Soon they start speeding to get away from the people calling them *****s. Melba continues listening to the newscast that is currently happening. Soon the phone started ringing off the hook with angry calls from people. The chapter ends with an angry, mad mob in front of Central High.

Chapter 8

In this chapter, Grandma and Melba ate dinner in front of the TV so that they could listen about what the current United States President, which at the time was Dwight D Eisenhower. Melba and grandmother are listening to what President Eisenhower thought about all of this fight about the current state of the United States, specifically what was going on in 1957 in the Southern US. It suddenly became very silent in Melba’s town, and almost no noise was made. Soon, at a ridiculous hour of the night, there was a knock on the door. Somebody said to let Melba go back to school, with protection. A lot of reporters were hanging from trees, really struggling to find out more about the current situation that was happening. Melba and her friends were a half-hour late to school, when they were ordered to move out of the way. Melba quickly began to feel both proud and sad at the same time. Soon, Principal Mr. Matthows greeted the children, including Melba. Things improved in Mrs. Pickwick’s class. Melba went to lunch for what seemed like the biggest cafeteria that she had ever been in ever before. After lunch, Melba went to gym class. By the time Melba had reached Study Hall, a horrendous, troubling headache began to try to take control of Melba. Soon Melba was being asked all kinds of questions, like: • How were you treated? • Did anybody hit you? • Did anybody call you names? On Thursday, September 26, 1957, we find out something about Melba’s protection in school. Melba quickly finds out and realizes that she has been assigned a bodyguard. The chapter ends with Melba taking note in her diary that today she was assigned a bodyguard.

Chapter 9

In this chapter, Melba continues her quest with going to Central High. At this point in time, Melba has become adjusted with the military routine that she must follow when she enters Central High. Danny tells Melba that he is here to keep Melba alive. Melba pushes and forces herself to survive a tough, fierce rest of the day at Central High. Melba quickly realizes that something isn’t quite as it’s supposed to be: On Friday’s, at Melba’s school, there is usually a boatload of kids here on Friday’s, but today, on Friday, Melba is practically alone, mysteriously. Soon Danny senses that there is dynamite coming their way, and thankfully, Melba and Danny manage to escape the dynamite and not get seriously hurt and/or injured. Over the next twenty minutes, Melba’s brain was questioning what would happen tonight at the game. After an exhausting three days at Central High, Melba crashes into bed. The chapter ends with the third night, when Melba realizes that integration is a heck of a lot bigger than Melba had ever dreamed it would be.

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