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What must you install between networks and a T1 line for your networks to use the T1 line?


You are implementing Internet connectivity for a new start-up company. Your client will provide on-line storefronts for retailers. To do this, they have calculated that their Internet connection must provide a data rate of at least 20 – 30 Mbps.
Which type of service should you implement?


You have a series of WAN links that connects to your site to multiple other sites. Each remote site is connected to your site using a dedicated line.
What type of connection is being used?


Which type of network establishes a dedicated physical connection between two hosts who need to communicate on the network, not allowing any other host to use the medium until the communication is complete?


Which of the following describes the lines used in the local loop for dial-up telephone access?


Which of the following terms identifies the network of dial-up telephone and the long-distance lines?


Which of the following devices is used on a WAN to convert synchronous serial signals into digital signals?


Which type of network divides data to be transmitted into small units and then routes these units from the originating system to the destination system, allowing multiple, concurrent communications on the network medium?


Which of the following are characteristics of SONET?

Transport protocol used for other traffic types. Dual counter-rotating fiber optic rings.

What is the speed of an OC-3 connection?

155 mbps

Which of the following is an WAN technology that allows for interoperability of vendor hardware for fiber optic networking?


You have site in your network that is connected to multiple other sites. A single virtual circuit is used to connect all other sites.
What type of connection is being used?


Which of the following technologies uses variable-length packets and adds labels to packets as they enter the WAN cloud, with the labels being used to switch packets and prioritize traffic?


If the SONET (OC-1) base rate is 51.84 Mbps, how much data can the Optical Carrier level 12 (OC-12) transfer in one second?

622.06 Mb

Which of the following are characteristics of ATM?

Uses fixed-length cells of 53-bytes. Adds labels to data units.

Which of the following correctly describes the T1 carrier system?

T1 lines use two pairs of copper wires. A single T1 channel can transfer data at 64 Kbps.

Which of the following are characteristics of MPLS?

Supports variable-length data units. Adds labels to data units.

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