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which statement is true about requesting a cover?

all of the above

what information will you see about each walk in the find walks tab?

the dog’s name, the owner’s name, and how long the walk is

for which type of walk might in owner request a meet and greet?


when accepting an on-demand dog walk, what information are you required to provide?

your estimated time of arrival

if booking back-to-back dog walks, you should

factor in the time it will take you to travel between walks and make sure you can arrive to all walks on time

which is not likely to happen if you arrive late to your walk

all of the above

select the correct statement about boarding and sitting

boarding is when the customer’s dog sleeps at the dog Walker’s home. Sitting is when the Walker spends the night at the dog owner’s home

recurring dog walks take place at the same time and place, with the same dog, and often on an ongoing basis


opting in for a walk means that you are confirming your availability and committing 100% to take that walk


what is Wags cancellation policy if a customer cancels a scheduled dog walk?

if a customer cancel the scheduled walk after you’ve already tapped the on-the-way button, you will still receive $10

what is the best way to ensure an owner’s house keys are safe while you are walking their dog?

replace the key securely back in the lock box while you are away

which "find walks" setting may you adjust in your notification settings?

all of the above

if an emergency situation should occur, what should you do?

call the wag support hotline

what is a potential consequence of requesting too many covers?

removal from the wag app

when should you tap the "start walk" button?

when the dog is properly leashed and you are ready to leave the home.

which of the following safety precautions are important to dog owners?

all of the above

how far in advance are you committing your time when accepting a recurring walk?

3 months

how can a Wag walker earn $1 advertising bonus on all walks?

by wearing the wag t-shirt and showing the dog in a wag bandana in the report card photo

Walkers get paid on weekly basis with wag. What service provider do Walker’s use to track their payments?


what must you do before submitting your report card to the owner?

make sure the home is locked and the key has been returned to the lockbox.

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