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Look at the bar graph.

Which would be the best title for this graph?

Voter Turnout by Income Group, 2008

Look at the table.

What information is missing from the table that could help someone draw the most accurate conclusion about voter turnout in primaries and general elections?

the percentage of Democratic primary voters

Voters who will not be present at their polling places on Election Day may mail in a(n) ballot.


In which ways can voters cast ballots? Check all that apply.

in person online by absentee ballot by mail

What happens when voters are out of state on Election Day?

They must vote using an absentee ballot.

Why do political parties most often try to gerrymander voting districts?

to gain a political advantage

Before people can take part in an election in the United States, they must

register with their states to vote.

Which best describes voting districts that have been gerrymandered?

districts that are oddly shaped

Which best describes what happens to voting districts every ten years?

They are reapportioned based on information in the census.

Look at the bar graph.

What is the most accurate conclusion someone can draw from this graph?

Older women vote in higher percentages than younger men.

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