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Percussion players produce more or less volume by changing bow pressure and speed.


A pianist’s skill in manipulating volume is usually referred to as the performer’s


Composers started marking their scores with instructions about dynamics:

well into the 17th century

Volume and dynamics are interchangeable terms.


Among other factors, composers started writing dynamic markings in their scores because:

New instruments allowed for more dynamic ranges and contrast

For the most part, pianists and harpsichordists don’t have direct contact with the strings of their instruments. Therefore, they manipulate sound through a ___________ mechanism


Aside from Carmina Burana (1937), Carl Orff is widely known for:

his work in music education

The volume of this excerpt is loud.


As a musical concept, dynamics covers only the overall loudness or softness of a piece of music.


The volume of this excerpt is an example of crescendo.


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