Vocabulary Workshop Level F Unit 8 Completing the Sentence

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We have had enough of high-powered, excited oratory; what we need now is a(n) ______ examination of the facts.


Although she seems rather plodding in her behavior and rarely becomes excited, I think it is unfair to call her "______."


She is a person of such fine moral standards that she seems incapable of a(n) ______ act.


Instead of using their forces in one concerted attack on the enemy, they ______ their strength in minor engagements.


The job of cleaning up the field and the stands after the big game was ______ to the freshmen.


Our discussion that day was a(n) _____ one, based on the possibility – still far from definite – that I would take the job.


Far from presenting a unified front, the party is torn by all kinds of strife and ______.


I am not trying to ______ his truthfulness, but I still do not see how the facts support his claims.


Now that these ugly facts about his business dealings have come to light, I must _____ my support of his candidacy.


Vigorous debate is fine, but is there any real need for such unrestrained and ______ name-calling?


He is so ______ to flattery that with a few complimentary words I can get him to do almost anything I want.


Though her overall position seemed to be sensible, her language was so unrestrained and ______ that people wouldn’t support her.


Anyone as ______ as that trainee will have trouble accustoming himself to the sights, sounds, and smells of hospital work.


Because Vidkun Quisling cooperated with the Nazis, his name has become a symbol of ______ in his home country of Norway.


The ______ for this tragic failure does not belong to any individual or small group but to the community as a whole.


To the ______ of the people in the stands, the lion leaped out of the cage and bounded toward the exit.


Thomas Bowdler ______ certain words from Shakespeare’s plays because he felt that they were unfit to "beread aloud in a famity."


Under the American form of government, all branches of the military are cleary ______ to the civilian authority.


The bold candidate threw down the ______ and dared her opponent to face her in a televised debate.


People with a tendency toward being ______ must wage a lifelong struggle against rich foods.

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