Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 1 Completing the Sentence

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He is so ________ that he won’t even consider the ideas or suggestions offered by other people.


The nurse rushed into the hospital corridor to ____ the visitors who were creating a disturbance.


Though all modern scholars accept Macbeth as Shakespeare’s work, one or two of the scenes may be _______.


I added a few drops of food coloring to the liquid and watched as they slowly _______ through it.


Before I make an investment, I study all aspects of the situation in a most methodical and _______ manner.


The water pouring through the ______ in the dam threatened to flood the entire valley.


Many a teenager’s room is strewn with clothing, CDs, and all sorts of ______.


Though his partner lost everything, he was able to ______ a few dollars from the wreckage of the bankrupt business.


The two sides in the lawsuit reached a(n) ______ when neither was willing to meet the other partway.


The idea of a(n) ________ like Robin Hood who helps the poor appeals strongly to the popular imagination.


The records of our club were in such a(n) ______ that we couldn’t even determine which members had paid their dues.


In order to capture the fleeing criminals, the police _______ our car and raced after the vanishing truck.


Some people are subject to sudden seizures, during which their heads and legs may jerk about in a wild and _______ manner.


Though my memory is getting dimmer and dimmer with the slow passage of time, I doubt that the exciting events of my childhood will ever be totally ______.


The doctor become more and more fearful that her patient’s weakened condition would ______ him into pneumonia.


The rug made such a(n) ________ bundle that it took four of us to carry it up the stairs.


A man of towering pride and _______ ambition, he stopped at nothing to achieve his goals as quickly and directly as possible.


Once Great Britain had given up her vast overseas empire, she found that she had also _______ her position as a world power.


Since we do not want to replace the plants in our garden every year, we favor _______ over annuals.


If I don’t get a job, I won’t have the money to do what I want; and if I do get a job, I won’t have the time. What a(n) __________!

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