Vocabularies Studies I – Exam 5

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Money owed

C. Liabilities

Basing the Results on Probability

A. Calculation

A midpoint of sequence of numbers.

B. Median

The angle is less than 180 degrees, but more than 90 degrees.

A. Obtuse angle

A smaller group of people within a larger group

B. subculture

A line horizontally drawn from the center of the circle.

D. Radius

A holder in an investment.

A. Stakeholder

Converting Terminology via computers.*

A. Cryptography

The shares of a company

A. Stocks

A group that has exclusive business rights and titles.

D. Proprietorship

Combinations of some type of designs or styles.

B. Patterns

The money being made in a company.

C. Revenue

People joined together in business.

C. Partnership

A decrease in purchasing power

C. Depreciation

The ability for a business to pay all that is owed.

D. Solvency

Practices by a certain group of people

A. Customs

The remaining amount after deductions in salary.

B. Net

A result from being multiplied

C. Product

This number represents the equal number of parts that equal a whole in a fraction.

B. Denominator

Acceptance, Perception and Conclusion

B. Beliefs

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