Vocab Final Review Part 1 (Chapter 1-3)

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Which of the following is typically the least important factor to consider when conducting a statistical analysis of data?

Formula calcuation

Which of the following is NOT a voluntary response sample?

Quiz scores from a college level statistics course are analyzed to determine student process

If we are collecting data for a study, the __________ that we choose can greatly influence the validity of conclusions. For example, we can use sound statistical methods to analyze data in voluntary response samples, but the results are not necessarily valid.

sampling method

How do parameter and a statistic differ?

A parameter is a numerical measure of a population; a statistic is a numerical measure of a sample.

Determine whether the given value is a statistic or a parameter.

In a study of all 1911 employees at a college, it is found that 45% own a television

Parameter because the value is a numerical measurement describing a characteristic a population

Determine whether the value is from a discrete or continuous data set.

Time to learn a song is 4 hours.


Determine which of the four levels of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) is most appropriate.

Voltage measurements of batteries: 1.5 V, 3 V, 4.5 V, 6 V, and 7.5 V.


Which of the following is NOT a level of measurement?

Which of the following consists of discrete data?

-Amount of rainfall
-Tree height
-Hair color
-Number of suitcases on plane

Number of suitcases on plane

Identify which type of sampling is used: random, systematic, convenience, stratified, or cluster.

A television station asks its viewers to call in their opinion regarding the variety or sports programming.


_______ is used when subjects are assigned to different groups through a process of random selection.


After constructing a relative frequency distribution summarizing IQ scores of college students, what should be the sum of the relative frequencies?

If percentages are used, the sum should be %100. If proportions are used, the sum should be 1.

Which characteristic of data is a measure of the amount that the data values vary?



Which of the following is typically the least important factor to consider when conducting a statistical analysis of data?

_____ are sample values that lie very far away from the majority of the other sample values.


A ______ helps us understand the nature of the distribution of a data set.

Frequency distribution

In a _____ distribution, the frequency of a class is replaced with a proportion or percent.

relative frequency

The heights of the bars of a histogram correspond to _____ values.


A histogram aids in analyzing the ____ of the data.

shape of the distribution

A(n) _______ distribution has a "bell" shape.

-relative frequency


A ______ is a graph of each data value plotted as a point.


A _______ is a plot of paired data (x,y) and is helpful in determining whether there is a relationship between the two variables.


Methods used that summarize or describe characteristics of data are called ______ statistics.



A value at the center or middle of a data is set of a(n) ______.

-measure of center
-measure of spread

measure of center

Which of the following is NOT a measure of center?



Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of the mean?

The mean is called the average by statisticians

The measure of center that is the value that occurs with the greatest frequency is the ______.



The Range Rule of Thumb roughly estimates the standard deviation of a data set as _______.


For data sets having a distribution that is approximately bell-shaped, ______ states that about 68% of all data values fall within one standard deviation from the mean.

-the Empirical Rule
-Chebychev’s Theorem
-the Range Rule of Thumb
-the Round-off Rule

the Empirical Rule

The square of the standard deviation is called the _____.



A data value is considered _____ if its z-score is less than -2 or greater than 2.



Whenever a data value is less than the mean, ______.

-it is considered unusual
-We do not considered it
-the corresponding z-score is positive
-the corresponding z-score is negative

the corresponding z-score is negative

Which of the following is NOT a value in the 5-number summary?



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